Presented And Published Internationally

I am passionate about helping people and businesses to have easier, happier and more successful lives. To do this, I share insights and workshops with the world. Here are some of the places I have been published so far and I am hoping we can keep spreading the message wider and wider.

AICM journal article on marshmallows and overcoming distractions by Petris Lapis
AICM journal article on overcoming distractions using marshmallows by Petris Lapis
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Lawyers Weekly article by Petris Lapis on creative thinking for lawyers
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Fundraising and philanthropy article on finding calm in 3 easy steps by Petris Lapis
Proctor May 2017 article on marshmallows and distractions by Petris Lapis
IPA - What Happens When You Hire A Narcissist - Petris Lapis
Ethos ACT Law Society Article On Chaos To Calm By Petris Lapis September 2017
Chief Of Staff magazine seven steps to better balance article by Petris Lapis