Practical Workshops Tailored To You

Petris Lapis workshops are tailored to you, delivered with warmth, humour and backed by years of experience and research. Each one is packed full of practical strategies to help you and your team.
Some of the most popular workshops are shown below. You are welcome to mix and match or ask for a bespoke workshop to be designed for you and your event. Petris also facilitates workshops to help organisations with strategy team building and cultural change.

Ratings out of 5 from recent workshops are shown below.

It was an absolute pleasure having you speak to the Primary team. Many said that you are one of the best presenters they have ever seen becuase you were the right mix of down-to-earth/real, funny, knowledgeable, and insightful. There were so many takeaways that have now become a part of our everyday vocabulary. Thank you! I will highly recommend you to all my school leader colleagues. We will definitely be looking to engage you again in the future.

M.B. Director Academics

You were very well received and [participants] are still talking about points you raised… firms are keen to get you over to NZ you made such a big impact.

Workshops For Healthy Flourishing Organisations

Petris Lapis is a bloody legend and a must have at the conference. She is the ideal tonic for providing ideas for breaking down rigidity in business. I have found in my career to date very few professionals that are able to effectively communicate on a topic like this.

Practical Management Tools

For managers who want the nitty gritty of how to do a better job. The practical tools new and experienced managers can use to get the best out of themselves and their teams.

Teamwork Tips And Traps

Explore researched practical tips and traps from the world’s best teams (business, sport and even criminal organisations). Strategies to get your team happily pulling together.

How To Create The Culture You Want

Toxic cultures drain energy and time. Practical tips for how to create and keep a healthy culture in your workplace and how to turn around toxic habits.

Outthink And Outlearn To Success

Explore strategies used by the world’s best to challenge thinking processes, think crtically, creatively problem solve, use a growth mindset and understand common roadblocks to challenging ‘the way we do things around here.’

Growing Yourself And Others

Coach yourself and your team into habits of self-awareness (of behaviours), responsibility (for actions and impact) and personal accountability. Tools and techniques for self-evolution, growth and performance.

Presentation Skills Bootcamp

Practical interactive presentation skills to help you be more confident and engaging face to face and online. You get a lifetime of experience distilled to its essentials for your team (and a few secrets too).

Workshops For Thriving Happy People

Practical Productivity Hacks

Where did my day go? This workshop has easy, practical tools you can use to improve your focus, resist distractions, prioritize and be more effective today. This is one of our most loved (and mind-blowing) workshops.

The Courage And Confidence Clinic

It takes courage and confidence for us to embrace change, face thigns we don’t want to face, share our ideas, give negative feedback and speak up when we can see things are not going well. Explore courage and confidence and how youc an find them at work and in life to build better outcomes.

Personal Growth Program

The best way to improve your business is to improve your people. This can be a one off or a series of workshops. Content can include decision making, communication and networking skills, thinking, emotional intelligence, personal productivity, motivation and more.

Healthy Balance Secrets

When we are not balanced we risk our health, our relationships and our careers. Explore the easy things we can do to start regaining our feeling of balance, bring back our enjoying of what we do and make quality time for those we love.

The Tough Stuff

There will always be difficult people, challenging conversations, horrendous deadlines, staffing shortages or things going on at home. Tried and true strategies to deal with tough stuff in helpful ways. Years later people stop me in the street to tell me they still use these strategies.

The Purpose And Happiness Spark

Re-igniting the spark remembering the meaning and purpose behind why we do what we do, sharing stories about the differences we make, implementing strategies to keep that spark and lookin gat ways to find mroe joy in what we do day to day.

I really enjoyed your presentation, and as a pscyhologist I thought your delivery of the concepts was fantastic – Emma Psychologist

Thank you for your presentation at Education House … It was incredibly relevant and the way you delivered the information made it so easy to understand. I have been going over and over the messages in my head. That was truly one of the best afternoons I have spent. Definitely one that has taken effect immediately. – State Government Department Staff Workshop

This is BY FAR THE BEST wellness seminar I have seen, heard, read or attended. Ms Lapis’s advice, explanations, examples, practical research and illustrative stories for dealing with stress and change is not sufficiently conveyed when I say: “Excellent, great job.” – ES Senior Legal Officer and webinar participant

Bookings And Enquiries

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