Workshops To Engage You

For over 20 years audiences have been delighted by Petris. They laugh, learn, connect and engage with the content and the presenter. You can relax knowing that Petris has a strong professional background, will engage your audience, gets consistently high ratings and has relatable topics.  

Unique – Story-Filled – Evidence Based

Evaluations Of Petris Workshops (Out Of 5)[/caption]All workshops are evidence based and designed to be unique, interactive and engaging. They draw upon extensive experience and are jampacked with practical skills relevant to your every day. The content is made to be easy to understand and implement. All workshops are delivered with stories, warmth and adopt a light-hearted approach to even the most challenging of topics. Petris understands you are already familiar with the stresses and challenges of your career and life and focuses instead on making things easier, helping you grow, feel energised, in control and focused on solutions. Relax knowing that your participants will be engaged and appreciative.

Essential Skills

The most essential skills in a rapidly changing world are your soft skills. They help you communicate, form relationships, manage yourself, be open to change, think flexibly, innovate and cope when things get tough. You use these skills throughout your career (and life) regardless of your technical expertise, the job you are doing, your seniority or where you are working. Boosting your essential skills helps every day run more smoothly and creates brighter futures for individuals, organisations and professions. 

Your Choice Of Delivery Method 

All workshops can be run face to face or via webinar as Petris is highly experienced in both forms of delivery.


Petris Lapis programs and workshops have been presented internationally and featured in a range of professional and lifestyle magazines.

Mix And Match Or Bespoke

 You are welcome to mix and match topics or ask for a bespoke workshop for your event. Designing programs for clients is something I love doing and can often tailor a program specifically for your participants, event theme and the time frame you have available.

Thank you for a wonderful presentation …

Your talk was a special blend of humour and vulnerability, and you did a beautiful job.

You were very well received and [participants] are still talking about points you raised… firms are keen to get you over to NZ you made such a big impact.

Success, Innovation & Problem Solving Workshops

Turbocharge The Way You Think

Unleash your potential when you turbocharge the way you think. Discover how to challenge assumptions, question the things that ‘have always been done that way’, see with fresh eyes and explore different perspectives. An experiential and thought-provoking workshop that will leave you inspired to think differently and find opportunities in unexpected places.

How To Think Like An Innovator

In a rapidly changing world, it helps if you can think and problem solve innovatively. Discover simple techniques used by the world’s best thinkers to be more innovative, creative, flexible and fresh in the way you think and problem solve. An opportunity to create new thinking habits, share ideas and discover what others are doing in this space.

Mindsets For Success

Ever wondered why some people are more successful than others? Decades of research has shown that the key to success in careers and life is not just your abilities, but whether you use a particular mindset. Explore this mindset and the research behind it, then discover simple strategies for implementing this mindset in yourself and your team.

Productivity And Efficiency Workshops

The Keys To Being More Productive (In The Digital Age)

Discover strategies for conquering the most common threats to productivity. this is an experiential workshop that leaves you with practical tools and mindset changes to improve focus, efficiency, energy and effectiveness every day.

Strategies For Successful Remote Working

Explore the strategies for staying effective, productive, healthy and connected while working remotely. The workshop includes team communication and management, wrokplace set up, managing faily commitments, boundaries, mental health aspects and more.

Managing Change & The Future Workshops

Future Proof The Important Stuff

Have you considered what the future will look like and the impact it could have on you, your clients, your suppliers and your organisation? Explore what the future might bring and the risks and opportunities that presents. Discuss the new skillsets you may need to develop and how you can think innovatively and creatively to take advantage of opportunities to provide service to your current and future clients.

The Keys To Dealing With Change More Effectively

Discover the nature of change, the impact unexpected change has and what it takes for people to want to make change. Explore the metaphor of the rider, the elephant and the path to make change easier for yourself and others. Experience mindsets that will help you see the opportunities and possibilities in change and be proactive and flexible in your approach towards it.

Essential Career Skills Workshops

Supercharged Communication Skills

The golden rules of communication, understand the keys to having difficult conversations end warmly (instead of badly) and discover how to give feedback, create rapport and have influence with others, face to face networking and small talk skills are just some of the things you can epxlore in this interactive workshop.

Emotional Intelligence For Success

 Improve your relationships, well-being, self-discipline and chances of success in your career and life with stronger emotional intelligence skills. Discover the simple steps you can take (and teach those around you) to grow emotional intelligence in a workshop filed with ‘aha’ moments, laughter and insights. This workshop can include the completion of an emotional intelligence assessment for your team.

Winning Presentation Skills

Participants love the practical tips on how to design presentations, use visual aids, create audience rapport, body language, voice projection, audience interaction, use humour appropriately, include activities, market yourself, answer even the toughest questions and handle nerves. Petris is a specialist in helping professionals deliver more engaging technical workshops having done so herself for many years.

Management And Leadership Workshops

Mindful Leadership Skills For Better Cultures And Outcomes

Discover the science behind the success of mindful leadership and its four pillars. Explore how to use them to inspire and influence your team towards a vision they will support and in the process create more profitable, productive and healthy workplaces.

Essential Skills To Manage And Coach Others

An organisation is essentially its people. When you grow your people, you grow your organisation and its potential. Discover the insights and skills you can use to help individuals and teams grow and succeed in a productive, happy working environment.

How To Coach Yourself To Success

You can coach yourself to success in your career and life by self identifying and developing skills and mindsets and having situational and self-awareness. Discover the keys to coaching yourself to each level of your career, being open and receptive to receiving feedback and having a growth mindset.

Workshops For The Challenging Stuff

Conflict Resolution Skills

Discover what lies behind most conflict and how to look for ‘the baby in the backseat’. Explore practical strategies to resolve conflict and helpful mindsets and tools you can use to minimise the impact on yourself and others.

How To Mindfully Deal With The Tough Stuff

Practical mindfulness tools and strategies to use when things don’t go well. Effective techniques for controlling the impact tough stuff has so you can take action, make good decisions and stay effective.

Mental Health Insights And Strategies

An introduction to mental health issues and mental health first aid in the workplace. This workshop includes an overview of the more common mental health issues, how to ask if someone is OK and where to refer them for help. Practical ways to look after your mental health.

Stress Management In Five Easy Steps

Explore the stress cycle and understand the impact long term stress has on your well-being. Discover the five easy steps to manage stress proactively. Leave with a tool box full of practical tools and strategies to use every day.

Well-Being And Balance Workshops

The Keys To Living A More Balanced Life

Explore the easy steps to a balanced life so your health, relationships and career can all have longevity. Explore practical skills and tips you can easily use every day to look after your well-being, have time for the people you care about and live in a healthier way while remaining effective and productive in your career.

Well-Being And Self Care For Busy People

Discover simple ways you can improve your well-being including strategies for coping with the tough stuff at work and in life. Explore how to improve your capacity for self-empathy and self-awareness as well as practical tools to recognise the symptoms of stress and take action early.

Practical Mindfulness For Busy People

Always wondered what mindfulness was, how to do it and whether it could help you? A practical introduction to mindfulness and how you can use it in your life and career for greater focus, coping skills, personal growth, health and more happiness and peace even in the middle of difficult situations. Available as both one off workshops and a series of workshops.

Workshops With A Difference


Explore the nature of compassion and its impact on culture, performance, productivity and loyalty in organisations. Look at what happens when people experience compassion fatigue. Discover ways to recognise compassion fatigue early and build compassion in your culture and service.

Happiness At Work

What if work (and life) were more joyful?  Explore the benefits of building joy in the workplace such as engagement, roductivity, loyalty, creativity and motivation. Create more moments to enjoy what you do and become more effective in the process in this delightful engaging workshop.

Courageous Living

It takes courage for us to embrace change, face things we don’t want to face, share our ideas and speak up when we can see things are not going well or are not right. Explore courage and how you can find it at work and in life to build better outcomes.

The Power Of Hope

It is hope that helps us find our way forward when things get tough and keeps us on track when we might otherwise give up. Explore how we can find hope when things get tough, light hope for a brighter future and let it shine in our teams and reflect in the service we provide others.

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