Work-Life Balance – How To Start Living Again

Work-Life Balance How To Start Living Again Quick Read eBook by Petris LapisHow To Fit It All In And Still Have

Free Time For Yourself

As You Should!

Find out how to:

  • Assess your current state of work-life balance and really know what’s going on in your life
  • Work out your priorities and do the things that really need to be done and stop worrying about the rest
  • Manage your stress easily and effortlessly

Feel Like The Joy Has Gone From Your Life?

If you’ve been feeling like the joy has gone out of your life, you will appreciate the hope the ‘Work-Life Balance – How To Start Living Again’ eBook will give you.

Do you feel like you’re constantly playing ‘catch up’ and you never get on top of all the jobs that need to be done? Do you feel like you never get to do a good job at work or at home because of the incredible pressure you are under?

There is hope.


  • Have a healthy work-life balance
  • Attend the important events in your family’s life
  • Have time for yourself

In fact … you really should! Your life is for living and laughing too.

In this quick read eBook I will share with you the secrets for how to do it.

Here’s a taste of what you will discover:

  • How to assess your current work-life balance and  where your imbalance really lies (see page 6)
  • What your true goals and priorities are (see page 11)
  • Identify and beat your time robbers. Get this right and you will be laughing all the way to the lifestyle bank (see page 14)
  • How to be more efficient. You will be amazed to learn how much time you can create to do all the things you dream about (see page 17)
  • How to turn work off and home on (see page 18)
  • Understanding the stress reaction and its impact on you. This is critical to handling your stress and diminishes the stress you create around you (see page 20)
  • 247 tips to help you have a healthy work-life balance (see page 24)

Happy employeesYou Can:

  • Feel as if you have control over your life
  • Know where to focus your efforts so you feel productive each day
  • Beat work overload and say goodbye to the stress associated with it
  • Have more quality time with loved ones
  • Feel healthy and energised

Here’s what people who have attended my ‘Work-Life Balance’ seminars have had to say. (The eBook comes from the seminars, but without me standing in front of you).

A wake up call

“She tells a story that paints a picture that is too easy to ignore. It’s important to be provided with a wake up call before it becomes a life threatening situation.” – Steve, Accountant, Cairns QLD

Just what I needed

“Saturday’s workshop was just what I needed to get myself back into gear after having a hysterectomy 7 weeks ago. Both my husband and I have completed the workbook and are making some changes in our lives (business and personal)!” – Fiona, Principal, Coffs Harbour NSW

Vital Presenter … Innovative Material

“Confronting!!! Excellent.” – Julie, Event Organiser Brisbane Qld

This Is A Quick Read eBook

This is a quick read eBook. It is only 43 pages long. You are already struggling with time pressures and your work-life balance and don’t have time to read books with lots of padding. This is written for you. No fluff, no guff, so you can read it in a few hours or on the train on your way home. It has all the elements you need to start living with a happier healthier work-life balance.

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