Winning Presentation Skills eBook

Winning Presentation Skills - How To Be Remembered For All The Right Reasons eBook by Petris LapisAt Last! Professional Presenter Shares Secrets … 

Winning Presentation Skills Made Easy

Whether You’re Just Beginning Or You’ve Been In The Game For Awhile … Discover The Secrets To Giving A Memorable Presentation …

And Feeling In Control While You Do

It’s easier thank you might think to have an audience eating out of the palm of your hand. In my “Winning Presentation Skills” programmes you will discover how to:

  • Avoid the mistakes poor presenters makePresenter - Winning Presentation Skills - How To Be Remembered For All The Right Reasons eBook
  • Do the things great presenters do … and don’t usually share with you
  • Target and keep your audience’s interest …  so they enjoy the presentation and remember it
  • Overcome nerves … the thing that stops most people from becoming a presenter
  • Present without using notes
  • Project your voice all the way to the back of the room
  • Handle even the hardest questions (the ones you don’t know the answer to) and what to do with the aggressive questioners

All this and more … even if you don’t like making presentations.

The Secrets The Others Don’t Share

The ‘Winning Presentation Skills – How To Be Remembered For All The Right Reasons’ eBook shares secret skills used by the world’s best presenters … the ones they don’t tell you about. You will discover from a keynote conference presenter with 20 years experience, what works, what doesn’t and the key tools you can use to present with out notes.

You get the benefit of years spent discovering what other presenters do, modelling and refining the keys skills. Learn what works and what could come unstuck, how to make your presentation edgy and the little things that will make it shine.

What If You’re Really Bad At Public Speaking? 

Great speakers are made not born. Everyone was once a beginner with no experience … and they all made mistakes while they were learning.  Fortunately there are a number of very easy tricks you can use both before and during your presentation to help you move through your nerves. (For example, have a glass of warm – not cold, water before you start so your vocal chords won’t seize up).

Could You Become A Good Public Speaker?

There's nothing like the feeling of applause after a presentation

Without a doubt you could become a good public speaker. Some of you will do so, because you love it … and some of you because it is expected of the job you have. Public speaking is incredibly rewarding and it:

  • Lets you connect with people
  • Gives you immediate feedback
  • Lifts your profile … the act of walking to the microphone makes you look like an expert
  • Grows your business and your career
  • Connects you with some very motivated interesting people
  • Makes it easier to network with everyone in the room

What Is In The ‘Winning Presentation Skills’ eBook?

Winning Presentation Skills - How To Be Remembered For All The Right Reasons eBook by Petris LapisHere’s a taste of what you will discover in the ‘Winning Presentation Skills’ eBook

  • The things great presenters do. (See page 4)
  • The things that will turn an audience off. (See page 5)
  • How to design a presentation including tips for targeting your audience. (See page 6)
  • How to pick a winning title for your presentation. (See page 7)
  • The golden rules for visual aids including font size, words per slide, colours and the best way to present graphs. (See page 11)
  • How to overcome nerves and have just enough nervous energy to really nail the presentation. (See page 15)
  • The 4-Mat system of learning and presenting used by great teachers all over the world to keep the interest of all the audience. This is one of those things great presenters do but don’t usually tell you they do.  It lets you give a winning presentation to any audience on any topic any time simply by following a tried and true formula. (See page 17)
  • How to weave evocative language (the kind that rings your message from every mountainside and explodes with a beautiful symphony of passion) into your presentation, to give it that classier edge. (See page 20)
  • How to design key phrases that will stick in the audience’s memory long after the speech has finished. (See page 22)
  • The powerful effect that telling stories and metaphors can have upon your audience when you want to get a message across … and how to draft such stories and metaphors for yourself. Just another brilliant technique that most presenters prefer to keep to themselves  … but they use often. (See page 23)
  • A sample of 21 metaphors and stories you can tell in your own presentations. (See page 27)
  • The techniques you can use so that you can present without notes. Including what to do while you are still worried that you might forget where you are up to. (See page 40)
  • The words, phrases and arm movements that will make you look charismatic. (See page 42)
  • What to do and what not to do with your body while you are presenting.  (Another one of those things great presenters do and don’t tell you about). (See page 48)
  • The techniques for handling questions … even the ones you don’t know the answer to in a way that keeps you looking good. (See page 50)
  • The best way to set up the room for the presentation to create the atmosphere you want. (See page 53)
  • Handy tips for using a microphone. (See page 57)

And that’s just a taste. There’s also techniques such as breaking down barriers with the audience through shared humour  … and bringing emotion and passion into your presentation so that your message becomes more believable and people are driven to listen and implement.

Public Speaking Helps You Personally And Professionally

Public speaking lifts your confidence, boosts your self-esteem and leaves you feeling fabulous after you give a great presentation. Public speaking is not only fun, it is a fantastic way to:

  • boost your sales
  • improve your profile
  • open up job opportunities
  • give you the opportunity for paid travel
  • let you fill the board roles you have been seeking
  • grow your business
  • meet some very wonderful highly motivated people who are also on the speaking circuit.

What Gives Me The Right To Make This Statement?

How do I know? I’ve done it. I’ve used public speaking for all these things.

Now with hundreds of conference and corporate presentations under my belt I look forward to each presentation … its joys and challenges … and cannot think of a better way to spend my time.

You get to meet amazingly inspirational people, make new friends and feel better about yourself each time you stand up and present. I can truly say it is the one skill that has opened up the world for me. And there’s no reason it couldn’t do the same for you.

This Is A Quick Read eBook

‘Winning Presentation Skills – How To Be Remembered For All The Right Reasons‘ is a quick read eBook. It is only 58 pages long. This eBook has been written keeping in mind that you already live in a demanding world. There is no fluff and no guff, so you can read it in a few hours or on the train ride home. It has all the essentials you need whether you are a beginning or experienced presenter to take your presentation skills to a higher level.

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Act now and get rid of the stress and worry associated with giving your next presentation … and reap the rewards such as:

  • Feeling confident as you approach the podium
  •  Looking more professional
  • Being considered more expert in your field simply because you have better presentation skills
  • Better relationships with your customers and others who see you present
  •  More time to do other tasks
  • Finding pleasure in presenting

Start feeling more confident now about your next presentation!

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Warm regards,


Petris Lapis