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The Little Green Handbook For The Mindful Lawyer - The 10 Minute A Day Way To A Better Way Of Working And Living By Petris LapisFACT

Mindfulness training means you can …

  • Beat Stress
  • Stay Focused And Stop Getting Distracted
  • Make Better Decisions Even Under Pressure
  • Have Better Productivity And Focus
  • Cope With The Tough Stuff Better

Discover For Yourself The 10 Minutes A Day Way To A Better Way of Working and Living

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Used By Businesses & Universities All Over The World

With over 2,500 scientific research projects backing up its effectiveness, it is no wonder that companies such as Raytheon, Procter and Gamble, Sony, General Electric, Unilever, Nortel Networks, Comcast, Yahoo, Google, eBay and Apple offer classes in mindfulness training to their staff. In fact, Google’s mindfulness training program proved so practical and popular that Google has spun it off into a free standing Leadership Institute.

Mindfulness training has also been introduced into Universities. For example, the Executive MBA programme of the University of Cape Town’s Graduate School of Business now has a full mindfulness course and the Drucker School of Management at Claremont Graduate University offers a class entitled ‘Executive Mind’ because ‘mindfulness – paying attention to what’s happening in the present moment is essential to becoming an effective leader.’

The US Institute for Mindfulness Studies offers mindfulness insights and instruction in techniques specifically designed for attorneys. Berkeley University in California offers a Berkeley Initiative for Mindfulness in Law. In fact there are now more than a dozen law schools in the USA now offering mindfulness courses. It is being integrated into classes on negotiation, professional responsibility and effective relationships.

Why The World’s Biggest And Most Innovative Are Using It

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Businesses all over the world are using mindfulness training because it works

Companies all over the world are using mindfulness because it works and has incredible benefits for employers and employees. The amazing benefits for employers include:

  • Reduced staff absenteeism
  • Improved concentration, memory, learning and creativity for staff
  • Improved productivity and well-being
  • Enhanced relationships
  • Enhanced employee job satisfaction
  • More time efficient staff who are producing higher quality work

Incredibly, employees also benefit from:

  • Improved memory
  • A positive improvement in mood
  • Significantly reduced stress
  • Reduced cellular ageing
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Improved grey matter volume and reaction rates (even with age)

Lawyers Suffer More

You know how challenging law can be as a profession. Researchers around the world have found that lawyers suffer more stress, depression and psychological distress than people working in most other professions. Of all the professionals in the US, lawyers are the most prone to stress, depression and alcohol problems and suicide ranks among the leading cause of premature death

A survey of stress in the legal profession by LawCare in the UK found that one in five were suffering from clinical depression. Only 29% of lawyers had never suffered from any emotional or addiction related impairment.

Australian research confirms that law students and lawyers exhibit higher levels of psychological distress and depression than other people in the community of the same age and sex. The Australian Legal Services Commission estimates that one in three of all matters they deal with have arisen because the lawyer in question was psychologically distressed.

A Better Way Of Working And Living Is Only 10 Minutes A Day Away


With as little as ten minutes of mindfulness training a day, you can work and live in a way that is more productive, enjoyable, healthy and better able to cope with the demands of your profession. You can improve your concentration, thinking, memory, performance, mediation and negotiation skills. The training can hep you take back control of your life through moments of mental peace, making it easier to calm your thoughts and emotions. Mindfulness training will also help you deal with the unexpected so you can respond to stressful and uncomfortable events more easily. It also helps you to be more genuine and present in your interactions with others, something everyone who interacts with you will appreciate.

In the words of one Lawyer who practices mindfulness ...

“One area in which I have noticed a change is in my capacity to listen to clients and hear their needs with less interference from ‘my stuff’. This plays out in two ways. First, mindfulness meditation practice provides me with a means of staying ‘present’ and focused with a client when my mind might otherwise wander … Second, my [mindfulness] practice makes me more aware of my habitual responses to fear, insecurity, anger, pride and other feelings that inevitably arise in different client situations. The more I practice mindfulness meditation, the more often there is a conscious moment between a feeling (e.g. subtle fear, anger or eagerness to please) and my reaction to that feeling (e.g. defensiveness or undue deference). That moment is an opportunity for me to choose how to react rather than reacting unconsciously and realising five minutes later (or days later) that my advice and actions were skewed by, for example, anger at opposing Cornelius or my fear of disappointing a client.”

Your Brain Has An Amazing Potential To Do Things Differently

Your brain is amazingly adaptive. It has neuroplasticity, the capacity to rewire itself in response to anything new it learns. You can think differently, behave differently and feel differently if you train your mind to do so. You have the potential to change the way you work and live.

If you would love to discover the techniques for changing your life in 10 minutes a day, you can order The Little Green Handbook For The Mindful Lawyer here and start changing your life yourself.

What’s In The Little Green Handbook For The Mindful Lawyer?

This is a little handbook with some powerful messages. In The Little Green Handbook For The Mindful Lawyer you will discover:The Little Green Handbook For The Mindful Lawyer - The 10 Minute A Day Way To A Better Way Of Working And Living By Petris Lapis

  • The scientific research behind mindfulness training (page 8)
  • The reasons why lawyers experience so much stress and depression compared with other professions (page 10)
  • The eight mindful mind-sets that will change your world (page 16)
  • Why your brain has so much potential and how you can start using it (page 26)
  • How you can be more focused at work and avoid distractions (page 30)
  • Why multi-tasking is a myth and the faster way to get things done (page 33)
  • Mindful ways to handle emails, phone calls, presentations and meetings (page 35)
  • Why your brain’s ultradian rhythm will reward you if you give it a break every 90 minutes (page 43)
  • How to enjoy your work more … regardless of what you have to do (page 46)
  • How to communicate mindfully (page 48)
  • How to form and have mindful working relationships – different from anything you have ever had before (page 56)
  • How to use mindfulness to think more creatively and make decisions in pressure cooker situations (page 60)
  • How to be a mindful leader – and why those you lead will thank you for it (page 66)
  • How to manage your stress mindfully and the surprising key ingredients which really give rise to how much stress you feel (page 73)
  • The ways you can use mindfulness to do your work more effectively including analysing law, finding facts, giving advice, being error free, negotiating, presenting and training (page 78)
  • Of course this one has to be included – what you do in the ten minutes a day which will start transforming your life – how to do it and where to do it (page 83)
  • What it means to be self-aware and have emotional intelligence and how mindfulness training will help you get there (page 87)

Mindfulness Training Is Simple, Powerful and Accessible

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How do I know how powerful mindfulness training can be when working in law? Because I have done it. You can benefit from my 20 years as a practitioner and experience the same amazing benefits and changes in mind-set that others have. People all over the world are benefiting from this very effective training.

You won’t regret trying it for yourself.

With my warmest wishes