A child was born into the world. As soon as she could, she learned to walk and her journey commenced. As she grew, she viewed the world around her. It was an amazing place. She could see a varied landscape criss-crossed with many paths. Some paths came close to hers, some ran parallel to hers, some came and went and others were a long way from hers. On every path a person was walking. Some were walking slowly, some were running, some were dancing and some were sitting still waiting. She knew they were all ‘journey makers’.

As she looked forward into the distance, she could see the very faint beginnings of a beautiful pulsing light rising from the horizon. Its image was so dim that she had to focus intently to be sure that it was there at all. The longer she focused, the clearer it became.  She noticed that its pure white light was made of many colours and when she looked even more closely she could see that these colours were more than colours. Some colours contained a loving feeling, some the feeling of peace, some the energy of forgiveness, some bountiful abundance and some the power of healing and inspiration.

When she looked closely she realized that each journey maker’s path would ultimately lead to the same destination, that of the pulsing white light. A deep understanding washed through the young girl. Suddenly she “knew”. As she breathed a deep and contented sigh she began to skip and dance along the path that was her journey.