Terrific Time Management

Terrific Time Management In Six Easy Steps - Quick Read eBook by Petris Lapis


The Simple Secrets Of Being A Great Time Manager

Find out how to:

  • Work smarter not harder – become more efficient and get more done in less time
  • Work out your priorities – focus your efforts on the things that really need to be done instead of the rest
  • Beat time robbers – and use the extra time for people and things that matter
  • Plan your time – to spend on important things (including you)

Do you feel as though there is never enough time in your day to do all that needs to be done? Do you worry about not getting things finished by the end of each day? Do you feel as though your lack of organisation and time management skills means you are missing out on time with loved ones?

Six Easy Steps Is All It Takes

In Terrific Time Management In Six Easy Steps, you will discover the six easy steps to getting more done in less time and taking back control of your life. This means more time for the important stuff in your life and more free time for yourself … or at the very least, feeling less stressed when you leave work each day.

Whether you are juggling work and family, work and study, family and caring for an unwell family member or work and other commitments, the steps to becoming a terrific time manager are the same.

Time is really precious. You don’t get the minutes you have spent in this lifetime back again, so make sure you are including some of the fun stuff in the minutes you are currently spending.

Can You Use The 6 Easy Steps At Home And At Work?

The principles in Terrific Time Management In Six Easy Steps are the same as those I teach in companies. A law firm after one of these sessions freed up their professional staff to make more money each day. This was done by hiring an inexpensive office junior to take on some of the non-productive tasks that their senior legal staff had been engaging in.

The techniques are successful both at home and at work. What will you do with the extra minutes you free up in each day?Terrific Time Management In Six Easy Steps Quick Read eBook by Petris Lapis

Can Anyone Do It?

Are you thinking that time management techniques are OK for those lucky people who are born with a clock in their heads, but you could never do it? Well it does come more easily to them, but anyone can learn how to do it. And believe it or not, they’re late for things too!

It’s not difficult, you just have to be persistent and focus on the end result, the extra free time you will have for yourself.

You don’t have to be an organised person to use the six steps. The beauty of time management techniques is that they help you to become organised.

Everyone Gets 24 Hours A Day … It’s How You Use Them That Matters

Have you ever found yourself saying that you wished you had more hours in a day? I haven’t found a way to make that happen, but I have found ways to help you spend the 24 hours you have more effectively.

Here’s a taste of what you will discover in the quick read eBook Terrific Time Management In Six Easy Steps:

  • The six simple steps to freeing up time for yourself by becoming an effective time manager. And ‘no’, they’re not rocket science … so anyone can do them. (See page 5)
  • What your true goals and priorities are.  This deceptively simple, yet effective technique forces you to identify what’s really important in your life.  This lets you use your priorities as your personal time management tool. (See page 7)
  • Understand where your time goes … prepare to be shocked by what you are actually doing every day and then feel happy about how easy it will be to change. (See page 10)
  • How to plan your day so you never again spend time on things that really don’t matter. At the end of the day you will be left with a sense of having ‘done well’. (See page 12)
  • Identify and beat your time robbers including procrastination the greatest time thief of all.  Get this step right and you’ll be laughing all the way to the lifestyle bank. (See page 14)
  • How to be more efficient.  You will be amazed to learn how much time you can create to do all the fun things you dream about. (See page 25)
  • 158 time management tips and ideas to help you turn ideas into reality. (See page 29)

If you practice the six steps shared in the quick read Terrific Time Management In Six Easy Steps eBook, you can …

  • Feel in control of your life
  • Know where to focus your efforts so that you feel productive each day
  • Beat work overload and say goodbye to the stress associated with it
  • Have more quality time to spend with loved ones
  • Sleep better, having done the important tasks each day
  • Feel better knowing you no longer feel guilt about all the things left undone
  • Have less stress … more fun

This Is A Quick Read eBook

Terrific Time Management In Six Easy Steps - Quick Read eBook by Petris LapisTerrific Time Management In Six Easy Steps is a quick read eBook. It is only 41 pages long. You are already time poor and don’t have time to read long books filled with lots of padding. This is written for you. No fluff, no guff, so you can read it in a few hours or on the train on the way home. It has all the essentials you need to start being a more efficient time manager in a few hours.

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