Sustainability And Responsibility

I am committed to doing my part to make businesses practices more sustainable for a healthier, happier, kinder world.

Considering The Environment

I am committed to:

  • Having as close to a paperless office as we have been able to achieve. We are not yet perfect, but we are well on our way.
  • Using recycled paper products where we can source them
  • Recycling our old electrical equipment
  • Using public transport wherever feasible to reduce our carbon imprint
Petris Lapis sitting on a chair facing the camera

Corporate Social Responsibility

I dream of how quickly we could transform our world if every business focused on its social responsibility as much as its profits.  We aim to be more socially responsible by:

  • Donating our services for free to clients who are struggling
  • Providing discounted fees to not for profit organisations who are actively doing good in the world
  • Tithing part of our income (we aim for 10%) to charities that help others. We choose these charities by looking at what is going on for members of our team. When someone’s mum had a stroke, we donated to a Stroke Foundation. When someone we knew had health problems with their heart, we donated to the Heart Foundation. We are regular donors to charities for the education of children.
  • Choosing to associate ourselves only with suppliers who have ethical practices
Used office furniture on its way to charity

Surplus office furniture on its way to charity

Old laptops and phones at Artisan Of Change on their way to be recycled

Old electronic equipment on its way to be recycled

Recycled Paper envelopes at Petris Lapis

Our preference is to use recycled paper products

Public transport cards used by Petris Lapis

Public transport helps us reduce our carbon imprint

Petris Lapis standing with arms crossed talking about corporate social responsibility

We donate our time and money to those in need and those helping others