Workshops For Students To Get Excited About

Our wonderful range of student workshops can be run either in or after school hours, as a ‘one off’, over several hours or several weeks. They are suitable for children from 10 to 18.

Choose One, Mix And Match Or Ask For ‘Bespoke’

You are welcome to choose one of the following workshops, to mix and match topics or to ask for one to be designed specifically for your students and their unique circumstances. Designing programs for clients is something I love doing and can often tailor a program specifically for your student cohort and the timeframe you have available.


For bookings or enquiries please call me on 0419 334 204 or email

Petris, you have honestly changed my life. Before the program started I was that broken torn apart confused girl. To me I thought I went through a lot, you told us your story and you gave me hope and inspiration… I want to become someone like you. Thank you so much for teaching me how to make my decisions. .Thank you for helping me build my self. Thank you for everything you’ve done, and thank you for coming to our school. You’ve done so much good to us girls, and we’re all grateful. We love you Petris, so much. Hope to see you again soon!


Success, Innovation & Better Thinking Workshops

How To Think Like An Innovator

In a rapidly changing world, our success can depend on how innovatively we can think. Discover easy strategies you can use to think like an innovator.

The Secrets To Creative Thinking

Discover the keys to more creative and flexible approaches to problem solving. Practical exercises and challenges to get students thinking differently.

Mindsets For Success

The key to success in life is not just your abilities, but whether you use a particular mindset. Discover simple strategies for implementing this mindset in your life.

Leadership And Teamwork Workshops

Teamwork Skills

Challenging and fun activities to get students working well in teams with a focus on values, communication, team rules, respect, inclusion and co-operation.


Fun, interactive workshops for entire cohorts with role plays, teamwork, leadership scenarios, communication skills and much more.

Life Skills Workshops

How To Master Change

Explore change and the skills you need to understand and deal with it for the rest of your life. Discover the keys to thinking more flexibly and being more proactive about continuously changing and improving.

Winning Presentation Skills

Presentation skills for students that last a lifetime. Discover how to use visual aids properly, how to engage your audience and secret techniques used by the world’s best presenters to be charismatic and engaging.

How To Have A Magnificent Life

Discover the keys to working out what you want from life and how to more easily get there. Explore the difference between ‘end goals’ and ‘mean goals’ and understand how to use them to create a fulfilling life.

How To Harness Motivation

Discover the different forms of motivation (including which one you use most), what fuels them, how to overcome internal limitations and stay motivated and committed until you achieve success even though obstacles arise.

How To Have A Focus Superpower

Explore how to stay focused for longer, stop multi-tasking and getting distracted. A very interactive session which brings home the benefits of doing one thing at a time and has oodles of practical tools to help.

Resilience Skills

Discover the keys to keeping going and getting back up even when things get tough. Resilience is one of the greatest skills you can have when life throws you curve balls, things don’t go as planned or you need to change direction.

Supercharged Communication Skills

Learn the secrets of being a great communicator. Discover how to create rapport and influence, make small talk, give and receive feedback, the golden rules of conversation and much more.


This is my personal favourite. A program to help students succeed at school and in life. With a focus on self-discipline, self-awareness, emotional control and better thinking. It is aimed at smaller groups (no more than 20) and starts with a respectful, inclusive, judgement free zone and safe space for students to rebuild, connect and feel as though they matter.

Workshops For The Tough Stuff

How To Mindfully Deal With The Tough Stuff

Discover tools for mindfully dealing with the difficult stuff at school and at home in a healthier way even in the middle of difficult situations.

Mindfulness For Students

Easy practical mindfulness techniques for students to use at any time for better focus and concentration or to get relief from worry and stress.

Five Steps To Manage Stress

Stress management in five easy steps for students at school and through life. Simple strategies students can use any time, any where.

Ten Minute Chill Pill

Simple, practical meditation and relaxation techniques to give students relief from stressful and worrying times in life. Includes tools to feel calmer in moments.

Bookings And Enquiries

To make a booking or find out more, contact Petris on 0419 334 204 or email