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Student Programs

Seminars And Programs For School Students

Our wonderful range of seminars and programs for students is shown below. These programs can be run either in or out of school hours. They can be run as a ‘one off’, several hours or over several weeks. To book a program or have one designed for your students, call on 0419 334 204 or email

  1. Innovation Made Easy: Simple strategies anyone can use for improving innovative and flexible thinking.
  2. Creative Thinking And Problem Solving: Discover the keys to more creative and innovative thinking and problem solving.
  3. How To Mindfully Cope With The Tough Stuff: Discover tools for coping with the difficult stuff at school and at home in a healthier way even in the middle of difficult situations.
  4. How To Master Change: The skills you need to understand and cope with change, think more flexibly and be more proactive about continuously changing and improving.
  5. Leadership: Fun interactive workshop for entire cohorts with role plays, teamwork, leadership scenarios, communication skills and much more.
  6. Winning Presentation Skills: Presentation skills for students that transcend school and will last a lifetime. discover how to use visual aids properly, how to engage your audience and secret techniques used by the world’s best presenters.
  7. Mindfulness For Students: Practical, easy to use mindfulness techniques for students to use at any time they would like to focus or get relief from worry.
  8. How To More Easily Manage Stress: Stress management in five easy steps for students at school and in life. Simple easy steps students can follow any time any where.
  9. 10 Minute Chill Pill: Simple, practical meditation and relaxation techniques to give students relief from stressful and worrying times in life.
  10. How To Create And Live A Magnificent Life: Discover the keys to working out what you want in life and the steps you will have to take to get there.
  11. Learning, Study, Exam and Memory Skills: The keys to better study, learning, memory and exam techniques including a learning preference questionnaire.
  12. Focus: Discover how to stay focused for longer and overcome the desire to multi-task and give in to distractions. A very interactive session which brings home the benefits of doing one thing at a time.
  13. Teamwork: Challenging and fun activities to get students working well in teams and discovering what does and doesn’t work well.
  14. How To Stay Motivated: Discover how to motivate yourself and stay committed until you achieve success even though obstacles arise.
  15. Resilience For Students: Discover the keys to keeping going and getting back up when things get tough.
  16. GROW: A program to help students succeed at school and in life. With a focus on self-discipline, self-awareness, emotional control and better thinking.