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teacher and students extollo web“Hi Petris, I just wanted to let you know that I LOVED your session yesterday and sooo looking forward to you returning to us for another one. You gave me so much to think about and judging by the talk in the staff room today, you have really given the teachers a lot to think about as well! They were full of glowing comments! THANK YOU!!” – Kim (Acting Principal Queensland Primary School)

School staff are facing unprecedented levels of stress and change in the way education is delivered and operates. As the world of education changes, the success of staff in schools will increasingly depend upon their soft skills, coping skills and ability to be innovative and manage change. To help school staff, we offer a range of unique, interactive seminars designed for you with a focus on health, well-being, mindfulness and soft skills. All programs are delivered in a warm and engaging way. Your staff will laugh along with me as we explore the strange ways people behave and look at how we can do it better in the future.

Workshop And Seminar Topics

Choose from the following range of soft skill workshops for your staff or request our presenter to design one for you. Please note that designing fun programs for staff retreats is something we love doing and can tailor a program specifically for your staff and the time frame you have available.

Imagine what could happen if your staff started thinking in innovative ways.

#1 Innovation Made Easy – Instead of reacting to disruptions in schools, become the innovators and leaders in your field. Discover easy techniques for improving innovative and flexible thinking in your school.

#2 Productivity and Efficiency Secrets In The Digital Age – The digital age has a range of challenges that current work practices were not designed to deal with. Time management is no longer relevant, managing our energy, effectiveness and efficiency is. Discover the secrets.

#3 How To Mindfully Deal With The Tough Stuff – Discover tools for dealing with the difficult stuff at school and at home in a healthier way even in the middle of chaos.

#4 How To Master Change – The skills you and your school need to understand and cope with change, think more flexibly and be more proactive about continuously changing and improving.

#5 Mindful Leadership – The New Paradigm – Discover how existing leadership has led to a crisis and why there has begun a push for positive and mindful leadership practices. Explore the new leadership paradigm and the four pillars of mindful leadership. Look at the science behind leadership success and the ‘big five’ and understand what will and will not work when it comes to leading people.

#6 How To Have Exceptional Emotional Intelligence – Studies throughout the world have found that emotional intelligence and self-control are the single greatest predictors of success in life. Discover the simple steps you can take (and teach those around you) to improve emotional intelligence and improve relationships with colleagues, parents, students and others.

#7 Supercharged Communication Skills – The keys to taking your communication skills to the next level both at school and at home. Understand how others think so you can communicate in the way that will have the biggest impact. Discover what listening is really all about and laugh at just how effective the law of reciprocity is. Practice having those difficult conversations we all dread.

#8 Take Back Control Of Your Life – Ever feel like things are spiralling out of control? Like you are paddling madly in ever decreasing circles and not going anywhere? Discover the simple keys to regaining control of your life and having a healthier work life balance.

What would happen if your staff started approaching problems differently?

#9 How To Be A More Flexible And Creative Thinker – The world is changing rapidly and we need to change with it. Unfortunately, human beings like things to remain the same. Discover the ways your brain tricks you into staying the same and the simple steps you can take to think with more flexibility and creativity. A very practical seminar where you will use the techniques for yourself to design a better way to do something in your school.

#10 The Simple Secrets To Success – Discover what successful people do differently. Take away simple steps you can implement to bring more success into your own life. In the process explore the many ways in which humans limit their chances of success, sometimes over many generations. Discover the keys to motivating yourself.

MIndfulness programs for teachers by Petris Lapis#11 Practical Mindfulness For Teachers – Having been a mindfulness practitioner for more than 20 years, I help professionals incorporate some of its more relevant tools in a practical way in work and life. Discover the ways in which it can change your life for the better and explore the science behind why it works so incredibly well.

#12 Other Professional Performance Workshops – Topic areas include ‘How To Make Better Decisions Even Under Pressure’, ‘Winning Presentation Skills’, ‘How to Network And Market Yourself’, ‘Teamwork’, ‘The Six Easy Steps To Being A Better Time Manager’, ‘How To Deal With Conflict’, ‘The Keys To Greater Resilience’, ‘Stress Management In Five Steps’, ‘How To Overcome Compassion Fatigue’

#13 A Range Of Lifestyle Workshops – Topic areas include ‘The Steps To A Healthier Work-Life Balance’, ‘How To Harness The Power Of Internal Motivation And Commitment’, ‘Practical Meditation For Professionals – The 10 Minute Chill Pill’


Petris Lapis Programs Have Been Presented Internationally And Featured In Magazines 

Petris Lapis programs have been presented to international audiences both in Australia and overseas. Her programs and their innovative ways of thinking have been published in a range of professional journals and lifestyle magazines.

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