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Uplifting Soft Skill Workshops For School Staff

Hi Petris, I just wanted to let you know that I LOVED your session yesterday and sooo looking forward to you returning to us for another one. You gave me so much to think about and judging by the talk in the staff room today, you have really given the teachers a lot to think about as well! They were full of glowing comments! THANK YOU!! – Kim (Acting Principal Queensland Primary School)

School staff are facing unprecedented levels of stress and change in the way education is delivered and operates. As the world of education change, the success of staff in schools will increasingly depend on their soft skills, coping skills and ability to be innovative and manage change. To help school staff, we offer a range of unique, interactive workshops designed for you with a focus on health, well-being,mindfulness and soft skills. All programs are delivered in a warm and engaging way. Your staff will laugh as we explore the strange ways people behave and look at how we can do it better in the future.

Workshop Topics

Choose from the following soft skill workshops for your staff or ask Petris to design one for you. Please note that designing programs for staff retreats or pupil free days is something we love doing and we can often tailor a program specifically for your staff and the time frame you have available.

Your staff will love these practical, interactive and engaging workshops delivered with insight, humour and warmth.

Productivity And Efficiency Secrets In The Digital Age

Discover the two greatest threats to productivity in the digital age and how we can overcome them. Current work practices were not designed to deal with these threats, so we must find different ways to manage our energy, effectiveness and efficiency.

Innovative, Flexible & Creative Thinking Made Easy

Discover easy techniques for improving innovative and flexible thinking in your organisation. A very practical hands on workshop to help change mindsets for the rapidly changing world we live in.

Practical Mindfulness For Professionals

Discover the practical way mindfulness tools can be used at work and in life. Explore how to help yourself become a better professional and look at the science behind why it works. The tools can also be used in your relationships and for your personal well-being.

Mindful Leadership Skills

Discover how old leadership styles have led to a number of business crises and the push to implement more mindful leadership styles. Explore the new leadership paradigm and look at ways you can implement it.

How To Mindfully Deal With The Tough Stuff

Discover easy, practical tools and mindsets for dealing with the tough stuff at work and home in a healthier way. Recognise the initial stages of the stress cycle and explore the keys to surviving and thriving in challenging situations.

The Keys To Mastering Change

The skills you need to understand and deal with change, think more flexibly and be more proactive about it. Explore how your industry is changing, what the future looks like and the proactive steps you can take today.

How To Have Exceptional Emotional Intelligence

Discover the simple steps you can take to improve emotional intelligence and have better skills with colleagues, clients and others.

Supercharged Communication Skills

The keys to taking your communication and conversation skills to the next level both at work and at home. Explore the golden rules of good conversations, the science of influence and other communication secrets about ourselves and others.

Take Back Control Of Your Life: Self Care For Professionals

Ever feel like things are spiralling out of control? Like you are paddling madly in ever decreasing circles and not going anywhere? Discover the simple keys to regaining control of your life and caring for yourself in a healthier way.

How To Harness A Success Mindset

Discover what successful people do differently. Take away simple easy steps you can implement. Explore how to remove any self imposed blockages while discovering the keys to self motivation and commitment.

Winning Presentation Skills

Explore how to design your presentation, choose a title and meet your audience needs. Practical tips on how to make it interactive, use visuals properly and get your message across. Discover what the world’s best presenters do.

The Keys To Terrific Teams

Explore the attributes of successful teams how to develop them and how to overcome problems in teams. Finish this workshop with an engaging team building activity.

How To Make Better Decisions Even Under Pressure

We are under pressure to make more difficult decisions in tighter time frames with greater uncertainty than ever before. Discover for yourself, how to use your brain effectively to make the best decision possible in the situation you find yourself in.

Easy Steps To Better Time Management

Understand your own behaviours better by finding out if you are an ‘in-time’ or ‘through time’ person and whether you are ‘productive’ or ‘active’ in your approach to the day. Use the six steps to better time management to have better habits and become more effective on a daily basis.

How To Network And Market Yourself Face To Face

Nothing beats the power of face to face contact when it comes to forming relationships. Discover the art of influence, how to create rapport, how to make small talk at networking events and how to network effectively.

The Ten Minute Chill Pill For Better Mental Health

Discover the scientifically proven power of 10 minutes of mindfulness a day. Experience for yourself its practical power and how to easily implement it into your daily life for a more productive, happier and healthier way to work and live.

Stress Management In Five Easy Steps

Explore the prevalence of stress, the relationship between stress and performance and how most people deal with stress. Understand the stress cycle and its merry-go-round effect and the five easy steps to get off the wheel.

The Keys To Dealing With Conflict

Discover what lies behind most conflict and how to look for ‘the baby in the backseat’. Explore strategies you can take to resolve conflict and the mindsets you can use to help you deal while the conflict is ongoing.

Self-Management Skills

Self management and self control are essential skills for success. Discover how to more easily get these skills through mindfulness, powerful pauses, thought awareness, emotional control, communication and relationship skills.

Managing Compassion Fatigue

Compassion fatigue can strike those who care for others (most professionals). Discover what it is, how to recognise it in yourself and others and the simple steps you can take to combat compassion fatigue.

The Secret To Self Motivation

Explore your values, the different types of motivation we use and how you can harness the most effective one. Discover how you self sabotage motivation and why you do. Improve your chances of succeeding at what you set out to do.

The Keys To Strong Resilience

This workshop explores the nature of resilience, a personal resilience assessment and looks at the keys to developing resilience in yourself and others. The workshop finishes with a  resilience challenge.

Better Mental Health For You And Your Team

Journey into mental health, mental illness, its prevalence and impact. Understand the steps for mental health first aid and practice having the conversation you may need to have. Explore practical steps and mindsets for dealing with the difficult stuff in life.

How To Have A Healthier Work Life Balance

Complete a ‘wheel of balance’ coaching tool. Discover simple steps to improve balance and recover your sense of happiness and well-being. Look at research behind working long hours and its impact upon productivity and well-being.

Mindfulness Programs

Start your journey into mindfulness with the 6 week introductory program which covers (1) introduction to mindfulness (2) they keys to productivity (3) mindful work habits (4) mindfully managing stress (5) mindful communication and (6) mindful working relationships.

After you have reaped the benefits of the introductory program, continue your mindfulness journey with the 6 week follow on program which includes (1) the mindful teacher (2) mindful decision making and problem solving (3) emotional control and emotional intelligence (4) mindful thinking (5) mindful mindsets for success and (6) mindful leadership.


Petris Lapis programs and workshops have been presented internationally and featured in a range of professional and lifestyle magazines.

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