Feedback from conferences, corporate workshops, schools and retreats …

Great. Wow – So So Good. BEST speaker I have seen in 14 years.

What an incredible, professional, charismatic and inspiring presenter – Women in Business

Petris was a conference highlight – National Congress

Oh what a presenter, what a person – no wonder we love her so much – State Congress

Exceptional presenter – valuable tool – I love each time Petris presents – State Conference

You are singularly the most inspiring person I have ever met. Your passion and compassion is a joy to behold.

We have had amazing feedback on the workshop. Attendees have said that they were engaged throughout, learnt new skills and could apply this to daily life and work. Many said you were the best presenter we have ever had! Across the firm the comments have been incredibly positive and people keep praising the session – so many thanks and well done!

Brilliant as always – perfect opening session – Simple, concise, funny & informative – State Conference

The best aspect of the Symposium – State Law Symposium

We are so grateful! You are such a positive influence on people and have a wonderful ability to make everyone feel special.

Thank you so very much for today. It was everything I hoped for and there has been an abundance of positive feedback from staff.

Petris was a highlight of the conference – Hamilton Island

Your talk was powerful, meaningful, thought provoking and very motivational.

Powerful, relevant with personal insights which made it all the more entertaining.

Thank you for a wonderful presentation … Your talk was a special blend of humour and vulnerability, and you did a beautiful job.

I really enjoyed your presentation, and as a psychologist I thought your delivery of the concepts was fantastic – Emma

We all loved it.

I particularly appreciated and enjoyed the presentation from Petris Lapis because of her obvious knowledge and passion about the topic, as well as her presentation skills

The final presentation by Petris Lapis was the most insightful and most broadly adaptable to many industries. She kept me totally engaged throughout her entire presentation

Her natural enthusiasm ensured I stayed riveted. She had the right amount of technical content and practical examples. Please invite her back!

I particularly enjoyed Petris Lapis and gained some wonderful tools to take back to the office and try

Thank you again for all you do, you make such a positive impact being part of developing our leadership

Petris is a fantastic presenter, she always manages to make me see the world differently (in a good way!)

I wanted to thank you for the effort and care you put into helping me on my journey. It is difficult to find the words to do the gratitude justice. I feel at peace whilst also feeling incredibly empowered. As terrible cliche as it sounds … it really does feel like the start of the rest of my life. Thank you for helping me to open the door x

Absolutely loved Petris Lapis’s presentation

Petris Lapis is a bloody legend and a must have at the ocnference. she is the ideal tonic for providing ideas for breaking down rigidity in businesses. I have found in my career to date very few professionals that are able to effectively communicate on a topic like this

My favourite session of the day. Can we have a full day by this engaging presenter.

Need to invite her again.

Funny, innovative, encouraging.

Great session. Brilliant ideas to work on.

This was the highlight of the day.

Absolutely brilliant presentation. Best one of the day. Engaging, fun, relevant, practical tips. Delivered so professionally with human touch! Absolutely in awe and learnt some good tips. Thank you 🙂

An excellent topic to end on. Participants had activities and judging by the chatter and laughter seemed to enjoy the session.

Really good. Well done Petris.

Positive energy, great panel and presenter.


Awesome. Thank you

Excellent animated presentation – very engaging.

Excellent way to end the day – she was fabulous and a fabulous topic – soft skills are the only thing that will separate us from the robots when they take over the world through AI

Many thanks for your wonderful presentations over the past two days! I have received wonderful feedback from our delegates!

I felt compelled to let you know how much of a difference you have made to the way I view my own self and those around me. Your presentation was a ‘Light Bulb’ moment for me. It REALLY WAS. You are singularly the most inspiring person I have ever met. Your passion and compassion is a joy to behold. Thank you so much.

You are one of the most genuine, positive, funny, enthusiastic – and knowledgeable – people it has been my pleasure to meet. Spending time in your company is like bathing in pure joy! Thank you for your insights that I have used on many occasions both professionally and with family and friends.”

Thanks so much for your great work. Really appreciated your down to earth and practical approach

Thanks Petris … it was a dream to have you join us again!

Loving Petris’s words of wisdom. Really thought provoking!

Petris was brilliant. She gave us practical insights into how to facilitate creative thinking in our own business/workplaces. Very transferable. Thank you!

Every time I hear you speak I pick up something new

I listened to your presentations at the 2020 Audit Conference and it was marvelous! You have excellent presentation skills and your presentations were so interesting.

It was the best webinar I had attended

Very good and engaging presentation that is appreciated with the current change of working conditions

Petris’ delivery is so enthusiastic and entertaining, it’s always a pleasure to attend any seminars held by her

She was personal and the tips were fantastic

Great session, working well via Zoom, really like it, Petris is very engaging

Could I have a copy of your PowerPoint to share with my family? They would definitely benefit from your inspirational presentation like I did! It was one of the best presentations I have been to and very relevant at all levels. Thank you for sharing.

Thank you so much for your raw/honest presentation… You touched on topics that the industry does not talk about enough. We have purchased your eBook and use your non judging mantra out loud quite a bit in the office. Thanks for making a difference.

You were brilliant! The presentations were very informative and enjoyable

Thank you for your presentation on 24 September at Education House … It was incredibly relevant and the way you delivered the information made it so easy to understand… I have been going over and over the messages in my head – that was truly one of the best afternoons I have spent. Definitely one that has taken effect immediately.

Thank you so much for taking the time to present to us yesterday. It was a great presentation and will be very useful to apply to our lives

Thank you very much for speaking at our Conference … The feedback we received from the delegates was really positive

I just want to thank you for an amazing day. You are so positive, inspirational and engaging. I have taken away with me so many strategies I can use in my personal family life and work. I wish I had come up to thank you personally.

Thank you so much for sharing your time and kind words with us. The staff have spoken very positively about your presentation… Thank you again for a wonderful start to the term

The committee sincerely wanted to thank you for your workshop on Friday – your support helped us make this event a huge success! We received so many positive comments after your talk and it was clearly the highlight of the day

Never has someone stood in front of me and grasped my attention from the moment you entered the room. Then you spoke. Then I sensed something else that made me take note. I still can’t put my finger on that. My heart says the spiritual side of you shines so bright, my head says your academia is beyond anything I have seen in the world of ‘2 sec social media rubbish’… It was an absolute honour to hear you speak. I have heard every twist, every concept, lectures on mindfulness, business sense, networking and building the self into a powerhouse of focused fury, time management etc etc and with the aim to achieve … Never has a presenter struck me so fast, so hard on a personal level. Usually I blank out after hearing an introduction and shade my rolled eyes from the same dribble. Fear of ‘lessons’ from yet another ‘corporate speaker’. I am glad to have met you. You have awoken a great demon in me. A thirst for adventure excitement and knowledge of the self

The feedback on your presentation was REALLY, REALLY positive.

You were brilliant and incredible and as always inspiring! The staff did not stop talking about the wonderful tools you empowered them with.

Just wanted to say a big thank you for speaking at our IWD event last night. The feedback from staff and clients alike is glowing – I am positive everyone came away from the event feeling way more in tune with their well-being and feeling less like the one legged duck spinning around in a circle!!

We were so lucky to have you with us on Monday. I’ve heard so many people referring to things they heard in your workshops since then – you really made an impact on the people who heard you… Also, thank you for allowing us to share your presentations, although it was the ‘realness’ of your delivery that made them so memorable so it won’t be quite the same!

Petris brought a brilliant perspective to our recent leadership summit and gave our team some easy to use and effective tools to help them deal with the more difficult periods in life. We would highly recommend Petris to any organisation looking to provide their staff with personal development and help them improve the resources they have inside themselves

Thank you so much for your presentation on the weekend. I had many comments from our team about how great it was and the phrase ‘it is what it is’ has been thrown around a lot since then. I know that our team got a lot of value from it and that it will give them great tools to use during the difficult times

It was a fun, engaging and wonderful workshop – everyone had a great time interacting with each other

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for speaking at our IWD event last night. The feedback from staff and clients alike is glowing – I am positive everyone came away from the event feeling way more in tune with their wellbeing and feeling less like the one legged duck spinning around in a circle!!

You took 180 people on an amazing journey of self-discovery and reconnecting with the world around them. Petris, for a person to hop off a plane, walk into a room of 180 people, commence your presentation with confidence, vulnerability and passion, not to mention that within 5 minutes you had most people in the palm of your hand was amazing to watch. Thank you! I have undertaken a lot of public speaking .. been to numerous conference and listened to many people presenting, few people have engaged as you managed to do. Your presentation wasn’t all about facts and how to improve our lives from a theory perspective, but you gave of yourself, told your story with openness!

Your humour, passion, storytelling ability, insightfulness, clarity of presentation and the way you continually checked in re proceeding in a way that felt comfortable for all of us was greatly appreciated. There is enough pressure in our job & for it to be okay to ‘be there as we are’ & to honour that while still encouraging us to ‘move into a new space’ made it easy and non-threatening for everyone to join in in a relaxed manner.

Excellent presenter. Important topic.

Always hearing from Petris

Enjoyed the session tremendously

I have received many positive comments, one person even said it was the best PD they had ever done!!

It was a very interesting topic and her way of presenting made it very easy to digest and remember!

The presenter is really engaging and funny. I would highly recommend this session to my friends and colleagues.

Very informative and highly recommend to have this on future conference.

Best session of the day – wish it had been a little longer

Excellent speaker and content. So engaging and practical advice.

The bets presentation of the day … wish we had a longer session on this. Even a full day session would be very beneficial

Really great tips! Love the takeaway cards

Just wanted to send a heart warmed thanks for the session last night. At the drinks afterwards, I spoke to most of the participants who shared the same feeling – when it’s broken down into simple steps, it doesn’t seem too onerous to achieve. Most of this are things we know but just need those little strategies with how to actually make happen. One fellow said to me as he left – people don’t know what they missed not being here tonight. So thank you.

Ms Petris Lapis was amazing

Always entertaining and educational. Always entertaining and engaging. Always a great presentation. Great, fresh approach. Great speaker, very engaging. Lots of fun and self awareness, great presentation skills. Interesting and fun.

– Comments from Victorian State Congress

Thank you for an enjoyable and successful event. The team were all raving about what they took away from the session for the rest of the day!

I just want to say you’re amazing … And thank you for turning my day around, I felt really uplifted after your session. I’ve been practising the 90 sec rule and learning to give people my undivided attention .. Gosh it makes such a difference.

This was well-timed, well prepared + well presented session. Petris has all of the educational and emotional credentials to speak with authority to a bunch of sceptics!

Want to say a huge thank you for your amazing job yesterday as our MC. You exceeded our expectations and really contributed to the overall success of the event.

Thanks Petris, it was a pleasure having you at the conference this year and your content and presentation was superb.

It’s been great working with you again this year. I absolutely loved your presentation and I really did get a lot out of it. From the evaluation results, looks the delegates did too.

Thanks so much for your presentation this morning. The content was perfect as was your manner with our staff. I’ve received many positive comments today regarding your presentation and I’m hoping that we can continue to work with you during the year

Both of your talks were engaging, interesting, memorable, with great practical aspects as well, and we thoroughly enjoyed them!

It was highly engaging and had many practical skills which myself and the teachers will be able to use on a daily basis.

Brilliant! This talk should be mandatory to attend, as should be mindfulness training.

Excellent! Interactive and fun. Also learnt some practical lessons to take back to the office.

Thank you for your very honest and down to earth presentation on Wednesday. I think it is exactly what we all needed.

Petris Lapis has left a lasting impression I think on everyone who was there … Petris was amazing.

I just want to say you are amazing .. And thank you for turning my day around, I felt really uplifted after your session. I’ve been practicing the 90 sec rule and learning to give people my undivided attention .. gosh it makes such a difference.

Amazing speaker – can we have her back to do more mindful stuff for lawyers?

Engaging, entertaining and realistic!

Petris is an absolutely phenomenal presenter! Her sessions were extremely engaging. Petris’ content is of a very high standard and is extremely relatable and useful in every day life. Thank you Petris! I hope that we see you again in the future.

What an amazing, inspirational woman she is!

You are so real and you really do walk your talk.

Best session of the day. Really relevant and helpful. Thank you.

I loved Petris’ sessions. They were entertaining, interesting and informative. I would love todo more sessions with her.

Great session! Would like to see more seminars on this topic!

Petris Lapis was excellent, content worth sharing with the whole profession.

You were very well received and [participants] are still talking about points you raised … firms are keen to get you over to NZ you made such a big impact.

The staff loved the day and really enjoyed and valued your presentation

Petris was fabulous. A truly beneficial session and I wish I had brought the whole office.

Petris was very engaging. I really loved the way she presented the concepts and material in a matter of fact and practical way. It makes it more credible and practical to practice in this profession.

Everyone was so happy with your presentations. You have definitely got everyone thinking about ways that they can make changes going forward.

Thank you very much for an awesome weekend! We have heard nothing but positive feedback about every one of your sessions!

Enjoyable and insightful

Learn so much more when it’s fun like this

Very entertaining and thought provoking

We need more sessions like this.

Thank you for a very informative and thought provoking presentation this morning

Thank you for your time this morning. I found your workshop really insightful, and definitely keep to put some of your thoughts into practice!

Thanks for a great Breakfast Seminar this morning it was very useful.

Thank you for an enjoyable and informative session. I walked away with several ideas

I attended your seminar this morning and found it so interesting. We came back to work straight away and shared what we learnt this morning with the rest of the staff and already we are trying to work out how we can implement some strategies in our workplace to help reduce distractions.

Thank you for your excellent presentation last night. It was such an engaging and relevant session. I WILL be making adjustments to my life to implement mindfulness and the tools you spoke about. I have your very helpful cards forefront of mind on my desk as a ready reminder.

Thank you Petris – it was great to receive relevant information on this topic that I can apply in my role. And awesome work – I appreciated your bravery in keeping it real!

Petris was excellent, would love to attend more of her sessions.

Petris gave a very engaging presentation. Wish we had this kind of presentation and attitude in firm.

Engaging and relatable

Excellent presentation – the presenter was highly engaging

Fantastic simple ideas that have potential to be really powerful.

The course was fantastic. It was exceptionally relevant to my every day work and was a timely reminder about the way in which I complete tasks on a day to day basis. It also prompted reflection on how I have developed and why there may have been a lack of development.

Love it. Please do come back again. Want a longer session.

Things we must never forget. One of the best sessions of the conference.

I attended your presentation at the QLS last week. I can not thank you enough – I have a new perspective on life and feel so much happier.

Good presentation and perspective on life.

It was a great seminar. I really learnt a lot about how much time I waste trying to multi-task and it has definitely already helped me become more efficient this week by having a bit more awareness of the issue.

Loved your presentation

You are definitely a ‘legend’ in all our eyes!

Mindfulness For Lawyers was the best aspect of the Symposium

I enjoyed the mindfulness seminar – invaluable information on multi-tasking and distractions

Everyone had good things to say and took a lot out of it. They appreciated the evidence focussed approach.

Thank you so very much for the amazing job you did at the Victoria Congress over the past two days. You really set the tone for the congress. Our members absolutely loved you and your sessions!

She is one of the warmest, smartest, funniest, supportive and encouraging people I know. – J.P. Tasmania

We received such wonderful feedback, your one hour session took the whole conference to another level and delegates left feeling great on both occassions.

Thanks for a great job!

Petris was gold

More events with Petris Lapis

Petris is incredible

Petris Lapis during the plenary session was a conference highlight. This session was great and enjoyable.

Productivity workshop was a favourite. Any workshop that is targeted at bettering me as a business owner I enjoy.

You are honestly one of the most amazing people I have ever met! Your generosity and positivity is so wonderful. You always keep a good attitude and know exactly what to say to make me feel better. Thank you for helping me and many others out there. You are too kind.

You are the most wonderful person I have ever met in my life and such an inspiration. Thank you for everything you have taught me.

Loved your presentation lots really hit home for me.

I thought your talk was brilliant – T. McLean

Most enjoyable session!!!

I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions. [They were] an inspiration. Not only did the presentations provide me with new things (work and personal), entertained me and made me laugh. But you have touched my life.” – Gordon, Public Servant

You have opened up the world to me in a way that I always knew was possible, but just not for me. Thank you, my time with you has been truly life changing … Words cannot explain how grateful I am.” – J. Olding, Sales Manager

Thanks for doing such a wonderful job at Congress

Thank you for presenting a fantastic session. I have taken some notes away for myself and my team as well!

You were fabulous

Just a short note to say thank you for the excellent presentation yesterday. [It has] given me some tools, confidence and excitement to make the changes I need to make to do the real work that I have to do and not get stuck in the day to day.” – R. Cowan CEO

Impressive – Q. Lim

Engaging, useful content, challenging … hard to top. – W. Campbell, Administration Manager

Best Speaker – Very Good

Very interesting – Extremely Positive

An excellent presentation with some very good tools and techniques to use in the business.

Great practical tips to take back to the work place to get your value to stakeholders.

Another excellent insight, informative and interactive session. Thank you!

Most engaging speaker so far. Really good techniques. Time flew by!

Excellent presenter.

Excellent presenter – can’t wait to get notes and explore more.

Amazing presenter. More interactive sessions like this one required!

Excellent – Thanks!

Should include it in IIA course calendar.

Good topic – could have used more time. A nice change from technical sessions attended earlier today.

Very insightful.

Good hands on presentation.

Very good

Very interesting!

Very good.

Very good examples. Excellent speaker, motivating. Needed More!!!

Very good. Was worried it would be what I had heard before. But was very helpful and useful.


An excellent interactive and informative session. Thank you!

Excellent presentation. Really useful. Definitely will explore further. Very appropriate presenter for SOPAC.

Very good demonstration. Participants actively participated in the demonstration.

Very good presenter.

An excellent presentation. Some great examples of how to deal with a common problem encountered by Internal Audit.

Great Speaker Petris.

A very nice presentation, all participants do take part. I learn a lot from it.

Best presentation of the conference! learned so much – wish it was a masterclass (a full day)! Thank you!!

Excellent – Great Take Aways

Great practical techniques to implement in difficult situations.

Excellent interaction. Practical tips for dealing with conflict.

During the course you helped us all remember lots of important things that we already knew, but which we all forget in the busyness of everyday life. Additionally you taught us lots of new and cool stuff. (I love the rocking back and forward thing for an answer.) Sometimes I’m convinced that the most powerful picture any of us can paint for someone else isn’t done with a canvas and brush but, simply, a mirror. You made a space where we could feel – safe enough to look – honest enough to see – wise enough to judge – gentle enough to forgive and brave enough to change. The ability to do that is a gift, beautiful. I trust you will keep using it for all humanity because, God knows, we need it.

This was an excellent seminar and presenter, well worthwhile topic, has definitely added value.

I really enjoyed your presentation.

The day was fantastic and Petris is amazing.

Keep up the extraordinary work you do for kids.

A fantastic opening presentation.

Excellent presentation – great speaker.

An entertaining speaker that held the interest.

Excellent presentation

Great speaker! Time flew.

Very good job. Brought difficult topic to practical level.

Excellent – not long enough.

Well worth listening to.

Sense of humour appreciated.

Thought provoking

I know I have already said thank you. But it’s just not enough. I cannot thank you enough for everything you have done…I don’t know how to thank you. You have really made me feel a lot happier with myself. Those weeks I was with you was just amazing. I felt a sense of belonging and that was something I have never had before. Thank yo so so so much. I will miss you so much.

Petris, you have honestly changed my life. Before the program started I was that broken torn apart confused girl. To me I thought I went through a lot, you told us all your story and you gave me hope and inspiration…I want to become someone like you. Thank you so much for teaching me how to make my decisions, thank you for helping me build myself. Thank you for everything you’ve done, and thank you for coming to our school You’ve done so much good to us girls, and we’re all grateful. We love you Petris, so much. Hope to see you again soon!



Always worthwhile sessions with Petris.

Very necessary

Wonderful as always.

Excellent, informative, useful and entertaining all in one.

You are a wonderful mentor, an inspiration and a very respected colleague.

I can partly guess as to how much work has been put into the course and, as always, am astounded by your achievement in training to do such a presentation. You are a superb teacher.

Your commitment to and example set by you to the job and your example are empowering. I learnt much from your example.

I liked everything about the course, your energy, your knowledge and your commitment.

You are awesome, I hope you can have a positive effect on ALL of your clients for ever after- we need more people in the world like yourself! The music was beautiful; there was commitment, encouragement and support provided. I can now turn things that were once negative into positive things, thank you!!

I can’t really pinpoint any one thing I liked about the course because I liked it all! I believe it is all going to help me with letting go of the past and getting on with the future.

This course was empowering!

This is an excellent tool!

Anywhere, any time techniques.

Anything is possible if you really want it.

Fantastic workshop.

I just loved it!

Very ‘hands on’ and easy to follow.

Well done [Petris] – wonderful course.

I loved[Petris’s] energy; the presentation of the information was great. The course was well thought out, the activities were great and the mood was personal and warm. It was a wonderful weekend.

It was awesome! Everything was so inspiring. You are where you are to be inspiring to others! I would have loved to hear more of your colourful life stories; I found them to be real and inspiring. I’m sorry it had to come to an end; I appreciate what you have given me and am proud to have got to know you. Everyone who comes into contact with you will leave feeling more enriched. I will spread your wisdom to others and tell them they MUST SEE YOU IN PERSON! Thank you so much!

I have never thought about things in the way this course has taught me, the presentation was excellent and I was never bored. I love the ‘positive’ feelings in the room; and how it left me feeling. You are the best. Your positive energy is obvious to all of us. [Petris], your commitment to help others is evident and contagious- an inspiration. This is just what I needed at this point in my life. Thank you!

I loved everything about the course! The releasing of all the negativity, the harnessing of positivism, the influence you can have on your own life and all the meditation, the expanded awareness particularly. So much inspiration!

I loved how practical the course and its tools were for everyday life, not mumbo jumbo. Easy to implement and time friendly.

Well designed course. Great presentation. Very practical information/exercises.

I will use the memory strategies in my every day life.

This course was refreshing.

Very practical and hands on. Easy to follow.

Day 2 was AMAZING!!

It was well constructed to help me discover things about myself, while not making me feel uncomfortable.

[Petris] is an amazing and inspirational woman and an excellent and professional presenter.

I feel as if I’m walking away from the course with a bag full of tools to get what I want from life.

The course was an enlightening experience.

It was my first time – the meditation worked – impressed!

Being positive, uplifting

All the little stories

Learning about myself and others

Everything! Things come into your life what you need it the most – and I don’t think it is a coincidence that this course happened this weekend… I really needed it. Thank you for the enthusiasm in which the course was run

Good support/explanations

Memory skills, setting goals and working out values, knowing that these skills are possible. I just have to find the way to fully unlock them. I learned how to enter the first stages of relaxation that is a big step for me!

Well presented, easy to follow. It challenged the way I thought about so many things and gave me some tools to reassess my opinion, feelings and approach in the future

Broadening of my mind, beliefs, lessening of my doubts and abilities. [Petris’s] humour amongst much wisdom taught. Really impressed with the energy work

A well balanced course with the right degree of light heartedness and what laughter is – the best medicine. Good venue with the right number of participants allowed good interaction

Everything! I found your course extremely empowering, informative and life challenging! You are truly a delightful human being Petris. Spending the last two days here has felt like a health retreat for the mind. I feel blissfully and deliciously relaxed and at peace with my inner self


Incredible yet simple activities that beautifully illustrated every point. Everyone seemed motivated to participate. Timing was spot on. Sandra you are a superb infectious presenter. Thank you

Made me look at my usual attitudes and the way to change those that needed to be changed. Met a lot of interesting and lovely people. Overall has given me a tremendous amount to think about and try to remember!

Very relaxed environment. Very affirming. Encouraging new ideas and techniques will now empower me with living life to the fullest and more confidently. Thank you for sharing and making it look so simple and easy. It’s been one of the best weekends spent for ages. Cheers!

The relaxed manner in which the course was presented. I was so easy to get to know the other people on the course. [Petris’s] manner enabled everyone to open up easily. The content of the course was incredible – so much packed into the weekend. The course booklet will enable me to go over it all and refresh it in my mind again.

The massage, the fun activities, the great food, great memory activities, the lollies, the friendly people, the laughs, the lion king soundtrack, meeting new people. The fact of leaving and feeling like a new happy person and wait to start my life again.

Can’t wait to think through what I’ve learnt about myself this weekend. There’s so much I’ve not known (or acknowledged anyway).

This weekend has resurrected some things I had put to the side and you have taught me new skills as well. An inspiration – thank you.

I am sorry to leave a room of such beautiful positive peaceful people. It has been truly inspirational and everyone has been so friendly! Thank you for providing my baby brother with so many ways to improve his life. We love you!

Really like the ‘life stories’ used as examples throughout the course. Thanks for teaching me techniques that I can use to be a better person, wife, mother, friend and work colleague.

[Petris] would be the best person to get to know.

Positive. [Petris] has a warm presence and soothing hands (the neck massage was fantastic!). Empowering. Jokes. Food – great venue.

[Petris] you are very easy to listen to.

The presenter was very professional – Great sense of humour.

Terrific presenter. Reinforce what I have learned in the past. Makes me keen to reintroduce. Lively. Essential skills for life’s fulfilment.

[Petris] was a wonderful, charismatic presenter. She had an amazing ability to keep me interest for the whole course. I feel more relaxed and calm than I have in a long time. I loved the memory skills.

[Petris] you are wonderful. Great content, great pace, good size group, good venue. Uplifting and energising.

[Petris] is a great woman.

If everyone in the world was like [Petris] what a beautiful place it would be.

[Petris] is a wonderful, caring role-model.