Petris Lapis

I want to live in a world where people are more authentic and can bring their true selves to interactions with others. To walk that truth, below you will find two biographies … the professional one and the one that reflects the person without the masks, qualifications and job descriptions who will connect with your audience in a genuine, warm and engaging way.

Petris Lapis B Com LLM FIPA FFA

Director, Master Results Coach, Master Performance Consultant, Master NLP Practitioner, Master Ericsonian Hypnosis, Mindfulness Practitioner

Petris holds Commerce and Law degrees from the University of Queensland and a Master of Laws from the Queensland University of Technology. In 2015 she was made an honorary Fellow of The Institute Of Public Accountants for service to the profession.

She has worked in the taxation division of one of the world’s largest accounting firms, in banking, been a University law lecturer (specialising in advanced legal subjects for post-graduate students), an external author for CCH Australia, the director and senior trainer of a tax training organisation (Tax Matters Pty Ltd) and the director and senior trainer of Petris Lapis Pty Ltd (providing non-technical skills to business). She has consulted to the corporate, government and non-profit sectors and has been an accredited Senior Mindfulness Trainer with the Potential Project. She has nearly 25 years experience as a conference and seminar presenter. Her passion, enthusiasm and humour are loved by audiences across Australia.

She has been a Committee member of a number of professional bodies and contributed to their education programmes as a presenter, author and advisor. She has published a number of books and hundreds of papers.

Petris is passionate about helping people live better lives, fulfil their potential and achieve success.

You will love listening to her speak and participating in any seminar she runs.

Petris Lapis (The Person)

Director Of Happiness, Finder of Lost Socks, Smoother Of Rough Waters, Community Member, Lover Of Learning and Rower

I have held a lot of professional positions over the years … which gives rise to interesting questions from teenagers in workshops. But no matter what I have done, I have always tended to fall into the thing I love most. Since I can remember I have been a teacher, a story teller and someone who loves to create warm inclusive communities for people.

I am a mum, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a teacher, a coach, a student of life and a crew member. Each year I choose something to stretch myself and grow. Some years I am more successful at it than others. I have learned an instrument, taken up martial arts (the 7 year olds in my grading exam were very impressed when I passed), gone blonde, written a text book, helped set up a charity, done a shamanic journey, changed my name and much more in the pursuit of stretching and pushing my comfort zone.

I believe in giving back to the community and have done so as a volunteer for most of my life whether it be as a consultant, treasurer, coach, breakfast mum, driver, lunch maker or shed cleaner.

I live my life with laughter and joy. What else is there some days but to laugh at what has happened?

I am a committed mindfulness practitioner and meditator and have been so for more than 25 years. I first started using this and other mind training techniques while working in an accounting firm and completing a law degree at the same time. It has made any number of life’s challenges smoother and easier.

I love warm sunny days, the sounds of birds, people, rowing, mornings, life and laughter.

My Aim

My aim is to joyfully contribute to a better world by helping people and organisations grow, become more self-aware, connected and mindful. I would love to live in a world filled with people who know and understand themselves and others, who have broken through self-imposed limitations and who are fulfilling their potential in a way that is considerate of themselves, others and the planet. I would love for each and every one of us to be a better person today than we were yesterday.