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How To Make Decisions And Choices Intuitively

How To Use Intuition To Make Better Decisions And Choices By Petris Lapis

Pretty Cool Ways To Make Great Choices and Choices Do I starve or do I steal? Do I run with the apple or do I saunter? Do I run into the alley or down the street? Do I resist arrest or go quietly? Do I lie to

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Where Are You Going? Mindfulness Can Help

Some days you have to stop and ask yourself what is going on. Is your thinking out of control? Are your emotions out of control? Is it the people around you who are out of control? What can you do to bring some sanity back into the

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Mindfulness In The Digital Workplace

Mindfulness is all the rage in organisations these days. It seems everybody is doing it. From major corporations to individuals, to defence forces, to Universities to weekend retreats. There are mindful leadership programs and mindfulness based stress programs and mindfulness programs for managing depression. Mindfulness What is

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How Accountants Can Mindfully Cope With Changes To The Profession

  The accounting profession is on the same roller coaster of unprecedented levels of change as the rest of the world. We think we are used to change because that is the nature of accounting thanks to the changing landscapes of courts, the business environment, technology and

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How Lawyers Can Mindfully Cope With Changes To The Legal Profession

How To Mindfully Cope With The Changes Happening In The Legal Profession The legal profession is on the same roller coaster of unprecedented levels of change as the rest of the world. We think we are used to change because that is the nature of law thanks

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Let It Go Is Better Than Holding A Grudge

Letting go is better than holding a grudge by Petris Lapis

One of the key tenants of mindfulness is the aspect of ‘letting go’. Whatever happens, ‘let it go’. This is a particularly powerful skill when another person causes us harm.

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Less Stress And Exhaustion More Calm

In the last two weeks, I have had conversation after conversation with people who are stressed and exhausted from the demands being made upon them in the work place and life. When some of them describe the constant ‘management’ they are under in their workplaces, I give

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Change Takes Time

Change takes time- Petris Lapis and raindrops

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if change could be made in a heartbeat? Well, the fabulous news is that it can, but most of us won’t. For most of us change is a process which we consider carefully, weigh up for ages and then take tiny steps to

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CEO Of Chaos To Commander Of Calm In Three Steps

Fundraising and philanthropy article on finding calm in 3 easy steps by Petris Lapis

We have just been published in the Fundraising and Philanthropy Magazine. The article was on how to go from the CEO of Chaos to the Commander of Calm In Three Steps. You can see the article here

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Who Am I To Be? Who Am I Not To Be?

Marianne Williamson is famously quoted as saying, “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that frightens us most. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous,

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