Let Calm Be Your Superpower - Petris LapisYou are dressed for work when your child comes running towards you with a glass of chocolate milk and trips. It is pouring rain and you get a flat tyre. You pull out your favourite shirt to iron and the iron is too hot and melts a hole in it. You run a school leadership program where children have an egg allergy and a student throws a raw egg across the hall. You drive across town to attend a meeting that was scheduled for yesterday. Three tasks have a deadline of 3pm today and only one of them can possibly be done in time.

Eaaagghhghghahh, teeth gnashing, panic and stress all set in. Your brain goes into fight or flight mode and before you know it, you are stuck in a quagmire of chaotic thoughts and frozen muscles. You are running furiously in small circles and not making progress in any helpful direction.

In those moments when the world has gone crazy and your brain would like to jump on the crazy train too … stop. Centre yourself and take a few deep breaths. Come back into your body, bring your brain to a stand still and examine what is really going on. Search for the bigger picture. Keep breathing, calm your responses and work out your next step, then your next step and then the one after that. Keep breathing and take the steps you can, one at a time.

If your usual response to chaos is not serving you, it is time to choose another. It is time to take control of the primitive way in which our brains respond to stressful situations and choose another response instead. In a world gone crazy with demands, commitments and expectations, it is time to …

Let Calm Be Your New Superpower.