Some days you have to stop and ask yourself what is going on. Is your thinking out of control? Are your emotions out of control? Is it the people around you who are out of control? What can you do to bring some sanity back into the day?

There is an old parable which illustrates this brilliantly. There is a man wildly galloping down the road on a horse. A bystanders yells out, “Where are you going in such a hurry?” The man on the horse replies, “I don’t know. Ask the horse!”

The practice of mindfulness helps when this occurs. You take a breath, slow down and come back into the present moment. Notice what is going on around you and breathe again, several times deeply. You take the time to get off the galloping horse and regather. You don’t need to stay on a galloping horse going in its own direction. Take back the direction and control for yourself.

When something happens and your thoughts jump onto the train ride of unhelpfulness. Stop and pull it back in. Look at what has actually happened and then look at the reaction and crazy story telling your brain has then engaged in. Take control, breathe and refocus your efforts on the things that really matter. Don’t waste energy creating stories in your head that may not (and usually aren’t) related to the reality of what has just happened or is happening.

Stop, breathe, refocus and come into the present moment. What a beautiful way to get through each day.