Forgiveness is not about the other person. It is about releasing yourself from the past so you can fly into your future free from the baggage.

Last week I wrote about forgiveness and then had to put it into practice. Someone out there has a wicked sense of humour!
If you are struggling with forgiveness for a person or a situation, you are not alone. Forgiveness seems to go against the part of us that secretly loves staying angry and seeking revenge. It goes against the part of us that would like to see them suffer as they made us suffer.
But then logic kicks in and several things become obvious. First, that anger never resolved a situation. Second, that even if you had revenge it would not make you feel better to watch another suffer and you would still have your own mess to sort out. Third, you are not betraying yourself by no longer seeking revenge. And finally, that you do not need to define yourself in terms of the misfortunes that have happened to you.
Forgiveness is about releasing someone, but not who you might expect. It is about releasing you. While you stay stuck in anger or wanting revenge, you are also stuck in the past. If you can let it go and move past it, you will open yourself up to the possibility of moving forward.