Wouldn’t it be wonderful if change could be made in a heartbeat?

Well, the fabulous news is that it can, but most of us won’t. For most of us change is a process which we consider carefully, weigh up for ages and then take tiny steps to start changing. Each step of the way we have a backslide until eventually one day we are in the place we wanted to be.

Our thoughts, emotions and even the cells in our body need to adjust to the changes we make. As we change the way we see things, the rest of us changes and so does our interaction with others. This process can take time. Be kind to yourself while it is happening. Be kind to others as they implement change as well. And if you are a thought leader who is attempting to bring positive change to the world, be kind to all is change at that level is a lot like trying to turn a train on a railroad track and get it to run in a different direction.

Change takes time- Petris Lapis and raindrops