Productivity Secret Revealed

The secret to greater productivity and enjoyment while you work might surprise you. The secret is to stop multi-tasking, especially if you think you are good at it. Researchers at Stanford University were set the task of finding and documenting the benefits of multi-tasking. Despite years of trying, they were unable to find even one benefit. Do you know what [...]

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Self-Help: How To Change Habits

"We first make our habits and then our habits make us." - John Dryden One of the hardest goals to achieve is one relating to overcoming a habit. A habit is a recurrent, often unconscious behaviour that you have acquired through repetition. Habits can be difficult to defeat because they operate at an unconscious level. They are an involuntary response [...]

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Work Home Life Balance: The 4 Easy Steps To Success

Is it possible to have a work home life that is in balance? Yes, it is possible.  The balance is, however, different for everyone depending upon things such as where you are in your career, whether you have your own business or work for someone else and what stage of life you are at. Everyone has a unique way of [...]

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Two Bad Reviews And What We Focus On

Something happened this afternoon to remind me of a story which is also a great metaphor for life. When I first started teaching at University it was compulsory to have all the students evaluate our teaching at the end of a semester. I still remember clearly the feeling as I opened the envelope full of their anonymous feedback and reviews [...]

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How To Read The Signs For Personal Growth

WARNING: This blog post is NOT for everyone.  If you see the world as a logical place with no deeper spiritual or underlying meaning ... that is perfectly wonderful ... and this blog post is not for you. How To Read The Signs For Life That Are All Around You (Map Reading For Life Journey Makers) I often wished that [...]

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