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The Great Multitasking Myth Exposed

The secret to greater productivity and enjoyment while you work is to stop multi-tasking, especially if you think you are good at it. Researchers at Stanford University were set the task of finding and documenting the benefits of multi-tasking. Despite years of trying, they were unable to find even one benefit. Instead they made some disturbing discoveries. Researchers found that [...]

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How Marshmallows Can Overcome Workplace Distractions

Can you relate to this? You arrive at work and start checking emails. Half way through writing a reply, you decide a coffee is in order. On the way to the coffee machine, a colleague asks if you could help review a report. The phone is ringing as you walk back to your desk. While you are on the phone [...]

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Time Management: Easy Steps To Becoming A Better Time Manager

Why would you want to become more efficient at managing your time? Managing your time more efficiently means that at the end of each day you have: spent time doing the important things in your life not spent time doing the unimportant things more free time for yourself to spend relaxing, doing things you love or with people you love [...]

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Time Management: The Single Most Important Thing You Can Do

There is a wonderful story in time management circles which illustrates the single most important thing you can do to be better at time management. Story has it that when Charles M. Schwab was president of Bethlehem Steel, he confronted I.V. Lee, a management consultant, with an unusual challenge. “Show me a way to get more things done,” he demanded. [...]

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Time Management: Tips For Dealing With ‘The Time Wasting Boss’

My boss is my biggest problem – what can I do? For many people the biggest source of time wasting in their workplace is the people working for them. For other people, the biggest time waster is the person they work for ... and in many ways this is the harder of the two. Do you have a boss who [...]

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Time Management: How To Waste Less Time With Emails

It will probably be no surprise to you that most people who attend our time management seminars rank email as the number one time waster in their workplace (although sometimes social networking sites is a close runner up). There are ways you can minimise the time spent wasted on emails. Here are some I have seen used in practice. Turn [...]

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Time Management: Tips for Information Technology Workers

Have you found it difficult to work efficiently because of the number of questions you get asked? This is a common complaint I have heard from information technology (IT) specialists. Here are some ideas that other IT specialists use to help them overcome this problem and become more productive. Rotate responsibilities. If there are 2 or more people working in [...]

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Time Management: Tips For Getting Young Children Ready In The Mornings

Where is my hat? Have you seen my assignment? Who forgot their lunchbox? Why aren’t you ready yet? What do you mean you need a sheet of red cardboard for school today and why are you telling me now? Are these familiar questions in your home in the mornings? Getting young children ready to leave the house in the mornings [...]

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