The Only Part Of The Universe You Can Improve Is Yourself

We are all connected. The fastest way to improve the Universe and the people around you is to improve yourself. Indeed it is not only the fastest way, it is the only way. You cannot improve others, only they can. Let's put our energy where it really matters and do what we can for the planet by being a better [...]

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Self-Esteem A Teenage Perspective

Self-Esteem - A Teenage Perspective Last week a group of teenagers and I discussed self-esteem and how it changes as you move through life; how a toddler believes they are beautiful, smart, funny and can sing, but how teenagers don't often don't feel the same way. Unless we take steps to address it, these self-esteem issues can stay with us [...]

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The Most Precious Thing You Can Give Another

If you could leave your child with only one gift, what would you leave? Would you choose money, possessions, health, fitness, friends, a house ... or would it be better to ensure they had healthy self esteem and a belief in themselves ... so they could get these things for themselves? Every time I would choose to leave them with [...]

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