Where Are You Going? Mindfulness Can Help

Some days you have to stop and ask yourself what is going on. Is your thinking out of control? Are your emotions out of control? Is it the people around you who are out of control? What can you do to bring some sanity back into the day? There is an old parable which illustrates this brilliantly. There is a [...]

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Mindfulness In The Digital Workplace

Mindfulness is all the rage in organisations these days. It seems everybody is doing it. From major corporations to individuals, to defence forces, to Universities to weekend retreats. There are mindful leadership programs and mindfulness based stress programs and mindfulness programs for managing depression. Mindfulness What is mindfulness? In its simplest form, mindfulness means awareness. It is paying attention and [...]

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CEO Of Chaos To Commander Of Calm In Three Steps

We have just been published in the Fundraising and Philanthropy Magazine. The article was on how to go from the CEO of Chaos to the Commander of Calm In Three Steps. You can see the article here http://www.fpmagazine.com.au/from-chaos-to-calm-in-three-steps-350402/

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Workplace Distractions Kill Productivity And Joy

Are distractions driving you nuts? Every time they happen do you get more tense and annoyed? There’s a good reason why. Researchers have found that working while distracted by incoming calls or emails lowers your IQ by 10 points. This is the equivalent of missing a night of sleep and has twice the impact of smoking marijuana. Researchers have known [...]

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