7 Easy Steps To Better Balance

A man riding a horse gallops past. It looks like he is going somewhere important. A woman beside the road shouts, “Where are you going?” The man replies, “I don’t know ask the horse.” For many of us, this is the story of our life as we race to meet all the competing demands of family, home, friendships, health and [...]

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Change Is Easier When You Let Go

I was supposed to be happily married for several decades by now. I was supposed to be at the point of financial security, meeting my friends for coffee and having a little grizzle about how long children stay living in your home. I was supposed to still be working a couple of days a week in my partner's business and [...]

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Self Help: Overcoming Unhelpful Unconscious Strategies

Your Unconscious Although the exact percentage of your mind that is attributable to the unconscious is open to dispute, researchers agree that the unconscious mind has a far greater capacity than the conscious mind. It is also understood that your unconscious mind is also responsible for many of your beliefs, thoughts, behaviours, patterns and actions. Your unconscious performs two very [...]

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14 Simple Things You Can Do To Lead A Life Of Meaning And Purpose

Here are 14 simple things you can do to lead a magnificent of personal growth filled with meaning and purpose: Always be ruthlessly honest with yourself. Have the courage to step beyond fear. Understand that nothing you learn about yourself can hurt you. Be prepared to change. Journey on the high road not the more easily travelled low road. Learn [...]

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The Power Of Your Unconscious Mind And How To Stay In Control

"You've got to be very careful if you don't know where you are going, because you might not get there."- Yogi Berra Imagine getting in your car, starting the motor and beginning to travel to work. You know which direction you want to go... but things this morning are a little different. Sometimes you turn the steering wheel and the [...]

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The Five Stages Of Your Life Journey

What if I said the journey of life was like struggling to climb to the apex of a mountain and then a downhill journey to the end? If it is and there are five stages to the journey, this is what they must surely be: The physical master stage The emotional mastery stage The mental mastery stage The integration peak [...]

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If You Play Sport Will You Earn More Than People Who Don’t?

Just read some interesting research, "The Impact of Engagement in Sport on Graduate Employability' by Kerry Allen, Steve Bullough, Doug Cole, Sion Shibli and Jayne Wilson from Sheffield Hallam University. It was published on 28 June 2013. Although most of your 'client's are years from becoming University graduates, some of the habits they form in relation to exercise and participation [...]

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The King and His ‘Difficult’ Son

There is a story told of a king who had three sons. The first was handsome and very popular. When he was 21, his father built him a palace in the city in which to live. The second son was intelligent and also very popular. When he became 21, his father built a second palace in the city for him. [...]

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