From Power Over To Empowered

The moment you realise you are empowered and in control Do you ever have 'aha' moments when the light bulb goes on and you realise an answer so obvious that you wonder why you were sitting in the dark for so long? I just had one; that moment when a solution to a dilemma arrives with crystal clarity. [...]

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The Farmer, His Son And The Donkey: Who Cares What They Think

The farmer and his wife agreed it was time to sell their old donkey and buy a new one. The next day the farmer and his son rose with the birds chirping In the early morning twilight and began their journey to the markets. They walked merrily on the dusty path leading the donkey and singing as they went. It [...]

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The Power Of Your Unconscious Mind And How To Stay In Control

"You've got to be very careful if you don't know where you are going, because you might not get there."- Yogi Berra Imagine getting in your car, starting the motor and beginning to travel to work. You know which direction you want to go... but things this morning are a little different. Sometimes you turn the steering wheel and the [...]

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