It Is Not Good, It Is Not Bad, It Is What It Is – No Judgment

No Judgment One of the pillars of mindfulness is an attitude of no judgment. You become a dispassionate observer of all that happens in life; watching intently without judgment. You allow things to happen as they do without adding a running commentary. Everything which arises, just arises. You don't judge it to be either good or bad. You allow it [...]

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Thank You To Those Who Have Tackled Abuse

We can all play our part in removing abuse in whatever form it takes. I was recently asked to be part of a panel for International Women's Day. The theme for the panel discussion was, 'How To Boldly Make Change As A Woman'. There were four women and one man on the panel and each of us was [...]

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Forgiveness is not about the other person. It is about releasing yourself from the past so you can fly into your future free from the baggage. Last week I wrote about forgiveness and then had to put it into practice. Someone out there has a wicked sense of humour! If you are struggling with forgiveness for a person [...]

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What Difficult People Can Teach You

Another Perspective On Difficult People   A Different Perspective Isn’t For Everyone Do you find that you have difficult people in your life? Do they cause you distress? Do you find yourself focusing upon the negative things they bring into your life and wonder what you do to cause them? There is another way to look at difficult people.  A [...]

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From Power Over To Empowered

The moment you realise you are empowered and in control Do you ever have 'aha' moments when the light bulb goes on and you realise an answer so obvious that you wonder why you were sitting in the dark for so long? I just had one; that moment when a solution to a dilemma arrives with crystal clarity. [...]

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