What Does It Take To Be Bold?

Earlier this year I was asked to be on a panel for International Women’s Day. The theme was how to boldly make change as a woman. The audience was going to be largely comprised of young men and women of University age and I wanted to make sure I could say something which would be inspiring and meaningful. It got me thinking about the boldest moments in a lifetime and what they were.

Were they the moments of success in sport, publishing or business? Many of these things had not required commitment, not boldness. Were they moments relationships started or ended? I was undecided.
Eventually I asked people who knew me, what they would say was the boldest moment in my life? They all said the same thing.

The boldest moment was not a public one, it was a quiet strong choice I made. The boldest moment was not about achieving success, it was about being true to myself and making an empowering choice to start again.

What was yours?