Beat Stress – Get Back Control Of Your Life eBook

Simple Steps To Managing Stress And Feeling Back In Control

Beat Stress And Get Back Control Of Your Life Quick Read eBook by Petris LapisFind out how you can manage your life well:

  • Recognize the symptoms of stress so you can take steps to stop it spiralling out of control
  • Relax  with an easy technique that can be used by anyone, any time to feel calmer and more in control
  • Manage your stress easily and effortlessly – relax, enjoy life and have more fun

Are you one of the many people in the world experiencing stress either at work or at home? Do you have days where you feel like you are just holding the world at bay and barely coping? You’re not alone and fortunately there are some simple things you can do to get back control of your life.

You Can Get Back Control

There will always be some degree of stress in life. It is the nature of being human. But you can manage your stress and live a relatively stress-free life. In the quick read eBook, Beat Stress And Get Back Control Of Your Life, you will discover some simple secrets to managing stress.

How Do I Know You Can Beat Stress And Take Back Control?

Well … a long time before the global financial crisis there was a thing called the 80s. I like to think of it as the decade of stress – jobs were difficult to get, companies were downsizing and people worked long hours to keep the jobs they had. It seems so crazy to think of it now … but for four years I worked without a holiday or having a weekend off.

Like many people, stress was one of the things I was intimate with.  I thought that I was managing to support a partner who was studying, a mortgage, my own part time study and a full time job. Then the results of a routine medical showed me otherwise. I learned first hand the impact stress can have on your body and your health.

My overworked adrenal gland (from long-term stress) had blown up from the size of a finger nail to nearly the size of a 3 litre bottle of milk and it was pushing my organs aside. Hard to believe I was so busy that I didn’t notice how bad it had got. So… after a marathon 6 hours of surgery  … the road to recovery and a new way of living life began.

How Can You Do It?

How can you do it? There are simple things you can do to live a more stress free life:

  • Have more reasonable expectations of yourself and others
  • Take back control of your life
  • Be kind to yourself — you are your biggest critic … give yourself a break
  • Find out what the most important things in your life are — and honour them
  • Make sure there is more time for relaxation and health in every day

Then practice the 5 step plan for beating stress in the ‘Beat Stress And Get Back Control of Your Life’ quick read eBook.

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Can You Imagine Your Life With Significantly Less Stress?

Imagine … Your Life With Less Stress!

Stress is an inevitable and even necessary part of life … but it can be managed. Imagine living a life with just the right amount of stress … not too much and not too little. You still achieve your goals, but you do so without the anxiety.  Doing things that fulfil you rather than draining you every day.

And … it works!

I’ve been living a minimal stress life for years now. There are still things that happen, people get sick, cars break down, impossible work deadlines loom … but I don’t stress about them like I used to. I go to sleep at night and wake up the next day without a feeling of dread.

If you had less stress in your life, would you…

  • Sleep more easily at nights
  • Achieve more in less time because the worry factor was gone
  • Feel better and healthier than you have in ages
  • Spend some time focusing on your partner, friends and family because you aren’t constantly thinking about things that worry you
  • Have laughter and joy back in your life

   Everyone Gets ONE Shot At This Life … How Will You Live Yours?

While you’re feeling stressed, you’re missing out on so much that life offers. The Beat Stress And Get Back Control Of Your Life eBook helps you to take back control of your life and begin to truly live again. It shows you how to quickly and easily transform your life from being filled with stress to being filled with wonder and joy. Discover …

  • Get a handle on the three key ingredients to stress (page 5)
  • Understand the stress reaction and its impact on you.  This is critical to handling your stress … and diminishes the stress you create around you.  This is a nugget of gold not to be missed out on. (See page 5)
  • Recognize the symptoms of stress and stop the cycle in its tracks. (See page 6)
  • Learn the 5 simple steps to overcoming stress. Overlooking any of these five steps will not attack stress at its cause. (See page 10)
  • Look closely at your values and see if they are the unseen quality which is adding stress to your life (see page 14)
  • Understand how to make the changes you need in your life (see page 16)
  • Do an easy relaxation meditation technique and bring your spinning thoughts back under control, helping you to find a way to steer into calmer waters … something that’s difficult to do when stress has you firmly in its grip. (See page 19)
  • 118 tips for decreasing stress in your life (see page 22)

Beat Stress And Get Back Control Of Your Life eBook by Petris LapisLook forward to …

  • Feeling like you have control over your life
  • More quality time to spend with loved ones
  • The ability to think clearly again and worry less
  • Better sleep
  • Feeling healthier and more energised

Quick Read eBook

This is a quick read eBook, it is only 31 pages long. You are already busy and stressed and don’t have time to read long books with lots of padding. This is written just for you, no guff, no fluff so you can read it in a few hours or on the train ride home. It has all the basics you need to start beating stress and getting back control of your life.

Beat Stress And Get Back Control Of Your Life Quick Read eBook by Petris LapisYou deserve to …

  • regain your health
  • have fun with your kids – whatever their age
  • take time out for you 
  • take a holiday
  • get back into shape
  • laugh again and like yourself
  • have respite from the constant worry that has been on your mind

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Warm regards,

Petris Lapis