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Helping People Succeed Is What We Do

Internationally presented programs with a focus on soft skills, people skills and mindfulness to help you thrive in life and at what you do. The seminars are refreshingly different, practical, interactive and enjoyable.

If you are in business, schools or event management looking for programs to help people be more successful, you are in the right place. We help you to improve your communication, teamwork, leadership, productivity, emotional intelligence and so many other skills.

Here’s just some of the things people have said about the programs.


Brilliant as always - simple, concise, funny & informative.
Terrific presenter ... Lively. Essential skills for life's fulfilment.
What an incredible, professional, charismatic and inspring presenter.
Another excellent, insightful, informative and interactive session. Thank you!
Amazing Presenter. More interactive sessions like this one required!
An excellent presentation with some very good tools and techniques to use in the business.
Petris was a conference highlight.
Brilliant! This talk should be mandatory to attend.
Best presentation of the conference! I learned so much.

Corporate Pgms

Corporate Programs giving professionals the skills and mindsets to have a winning edge at work and in life. Refreshingly different programs tailored to your needs delivered in a simple, practical, heartfelt and interactive way.


Petris Lapis conference audiences love her warmth, practical experience, knowledge and light hearted manner. She has a way of putting things into 'people speak' with a humorous twist which people love. Consistently highly rated as both a speaker and a Master of Ceremonies.


eBooks For Busy People - Cannot get to one of my presentations? Don't miss out ... discover the insights you need in one of my eBooks.

School Programs

Simply Outstanding Programs with a difference For Staff And Students. Interactive, engaging, warm and practical presentations for both school staff and students from Grades 4 through 12.

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Other Great Projects

Life Skiller, is a membership site for teachers and counsellors. It provides a very cost-effective way for professionals to access hundreds of social, emotional, learning and other life skill resources to use with students and clients.