Petris Lapis presenting at a conference

Engaging Workshops

Learn Grow And Thrive With Workshops Tailored To You And Your Needs

Are you feeling pressure to find workshops that genuinely engage, resonate with your audience and deliver practical results? Look no further! Petris’s evidence-based workshops:

  • Delivered with warmth and humour
  • Inspire and empower people to perform at their best
  • Address real problems with practical and relevant strategies
  • Reinforce key messages to drive outcomes

Funny, innovative, encouraging. Great session. Brilliant ideas to work on. This was the highlight of the day.

Workshop Participant

Great. Wow – So So Good.

BEST SPEAKER I have seen in 14 years.

Law Conference Participant

Petris was brilliant. She gave us practical insights into how to facilitate creative thinking in our own business/workplaces. Very transferable. Thank you!

Business Women's Conference

Many thanks for your wonderful presentations over the past two days! I have received wonderful feedback from our delegates!

Conference Organiser

I have received many positive comments, one person even said it was the best PD they had ever done!!

Legal Practice Manager

Absolutely brilliant presentation. Best one of the day. Engaging, fun, relevant, practical tips. Delivered so profesionally with human touch! Thank you!

Published Widely

Your presentation was absolutely incredible, and we received such fantastic feedback. Many people told us that you were their all-time favourite presenter. They loved that it was practical and useful, both in their office and home lives. 

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